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Nursed to Hell
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Mike comes home late at night and finds his apartment door open. He blusters unconvincingly into the darkness that he's got a big gun, then turns on the light and is startled out of his skin by the presence of... Grammy. There's some banter that exposits how she got there, but not why she was sitting in the dark and then Mike realizes that he'd forgot a dinner they had planned. "I have been working so hard I forgot what day it is," he apologizes. She kindly says, "That's what happens when you care about your job. And don't give a rat's ass about your grandmother." '"Well, yeah, that is why I put you in the home," he deadpans right back.

At the firm the next morning, Jessica's in a meeting with the partners and Daniel Hardman. Jessica tries to rush past Hardman's welcome, but he takes pains to remind everyone that he's just a "seasoned advisor. Like Bill to Hillary, if she'd won." Jessica moves on to actual business, namely efforts to avert a nurses' strike. Hardman interrupts again, saying he brought the hospital in as a client, but Jessica's already given this case to Harvey. Hardman wants the file anyway, but Harvey blows him off for now. Everyone's pleasant and polite, but you know they're quietly hating each other.

In Jessica's office after the meeting, Harvey's smugly appreciating the fact that Hardman pisses Jessica off more than he does. But not by much as of last week, Jessica reminds Harvey, even after he bravely liberated her tea set back from Hardman's office. "Put him in his place," she orders.

Harvey wakes up Mike at his cubicle and after some off-color banter about Mike spending the night with his grandmother, Harvey puts Mike on the Prescott Hospital thing, insisting Mike get a summary from Rachel, not caring that Mike just dumped her last week and thus might find interacting with her awkward. "Oh, and I need four bullshit pro bono cases right now." Mike denies having any, being a corporate lawyer and all, but can't withstand Harvey's skeptical glare. "I do it on my own time," he finally says, handing over the files. Sure, he's got plenty of his own time.

In Rachel's office, the request for the Prescott Hospital case files is delivered by... Donna, who's not allowed to say why. "Harvey asked Mike and he was too afraid?" Rachel guesses. "Like a baby girl," Donna confirms. She asks if Rachel's okay after being dumped, which Rachel's not, but she's too busy to do anything but work. "As long as you're making healthy choices," Donna says.

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