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Nursed to Hell

Hardman arrives in his office to see Harvey already there. Harvey hands over a child custody case (one of Mike's pro bonos, no doubt), and says this is a chance for Hardman to prove he's changed as he claimed. Hardman says he's got nothing to prove to Harvey, who says he does if he's going to stick his nose in Harvey's cases. Hardman says that since his name is on the door they're all his cases, but Harvey says he answers to Jessica. Hardman mildly tells Harvey to treat him with respect (which would make Hardman only one of two people Harvey does respect, the other being himself). Harvey claims to respect Hardman, but doesn't work for -- or even with -- Hardman. "Pick up the phone," he says. "Little Lenny deserves the best." That wasn't very respectful.

Mike and Harvey are bantering about nurse fantasies on their way in to the negotiation with the head of the nurses' union, but Harvey cuts this off by saying there are no winners here. Mike asks if he had a stroke, but Harvey was only testing him. "Just needed to make sure you were ready to stick it to the nurses. Don't say it." Inside the conference room, Harvey sits down across from Margo Martindale from Justified, who greets him as "negotiator number five" and quotes The Who: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Like I haven't been using variations on that in titles and blurbs for The Office weecaps for four years. She's not impressed with his shtick or with the offer he presents her, which he says is the best she's going to get without driving the hospital out of business. Sure, the offer would have been good enough for her before, but it seems she's found out about a new account of donor funds for the development of robotic equipment, and she wants it for the nurses. Harvey and Mike both try to shut her down, saying there's no legal way to get at those funds, but she walks out. Looks like there's going to be a strike after all. But will that strike be Justified? Don't worry that's the only one.

Louis is playing with his new Dictaphone when Jessica drops a magazine on his desk, announcing that in this year's survey of law associates Pearson Hardman ranked second-to-last in quality of life. "Who beat us?" Louis asks testily. But the bad news is that Harvard is threatening to rescind the firm's on-campus recruiting privileges as a result. Louis gets all het up about how neither Pearson Hardman nor Harvard can survive without the other and storms out to handle it. "Why do you think I'm here?" Jessica asks the Louis-shaped dust-cloud now occupying the place where he was just standing.

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