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Nursed to Hell

Louis leads a character played by Rachael Harris into the bullpen and introduces her as "Sheila Zass" from our beloved Harvard Law." And thus she instantly hates him, because she wanted to observe anonymously and secondly her last name is "Sazs." We're supposed to think that she and Louis are exactly like each other, but it's not really noticeable until Mike and Harold quietly start riffing about it to each other. For Sheila's benefit, Louis puts on a little show of caring about the associates, Harold in particular (bad call, that) but she is not fooled and threatens to leave him recruiting from SUNY Binghamton unless he starts treating her with more respect. "I have twenty underlings. I don't know a single person's last name," she says. Louis is impressed, and agrees to let her talk to them individually. She decides to start with Harold.

Hardman comes into Harvey's office, upset about how Harvey threw away the two days he got them. Harvey is still insisting that the nurses will cave, but Hardman doesn't appreciate how Harvey backed them into a corner; because now if they ask what the nurses want, they'll be the ones caving. Harvey blames Margo Martindale for spurning the best possible offer and says there wouldn't even be a strike if he'd gotten the injunction instead of the TRO that Hardman got. Harvey tells him his first-year associate had the same idea and advises Hardman, "Stop thinking like a rookie." Yes, be more arrogant... like Harvey.

At the bar, Rachel and Donna are talking about Rachel's potential online dating profile, which she's kind of down about, being just a paralegal and all. Like any potential suitors would care about anything beyond her picture anyway. So Donna decides that tonight? They're lawyers. Montage of them working the dudes at the bar, claiming to be attorneys named Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross respectively. That goes fine until Rachel claims to have a photographic memory, but then can't recite the Constitution. Then things go off the rails, as they make up increasingly outlandish lies that culminate in Donna claiming to be a rabbi. The night wears on as they get good and drunk.

Mike visits Hardman's office with his usual entrance line, "You wanted to see me?" Hardman sits him down so they can chat about having had the same idea for a TRO to delay the strike, but mainly so Hardman can flatter Mike into doing what he wants. Hardman says he isn't going to move against Harvey on this now, but they're in a bad position because now they can't approach Margo Martindale to ask what she needs, as that would be caving. Or, as Hardman clarifies, "Harvey and I can't." Mike sees where this is going and realizes he's being tapped as a back-channel negotiator. Or, more accurately, a behind-Havey's-back-channel negotiator. Still, he asks Hardman, "What do you need me to do?"

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