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Nursed to Hell

Down in the otherwise empty bullpen, Louis is checking the associates' work and leaving notes on his Dictaphone to have his assistant fix it... and to send Sheila a basket of flowers that requires a lot of explication about the emotional intent of them. "Can't you just keep a diary like every other twelve-year-old girl?" Harvey interrupts. Louis isn't in the mood and Harvey actually reads the room for once and asks what's going on with something that looks like actual concern. He's just as surprised as Louis to hear that anyone thinks he isn't the hardest-working lawyer at the firm. "You may be a dick," Harvey says, "but as far as I'm concerned, the associates have it pretty good." Louis appreciates it, "dick part aside." Hey, the dick part is how we knew Harvey meant it. They reminisce about their own days toiling down here, specifically a file Louis once lost and nearly got fired over. "I hid it," Harvey confesses impishly. Louis says he knew it, and talks happily about how he worked 48 hours straight to recreate it. From there he goes off about how today's associates seem to think there's a law against working more than 20 hours a day. "Prima donnas. I should fire them all right now and start from scratch." Harvey has the epiphany that's generally scheduled for this point of any given episode and says he's only going to tell Louis this one time, so he'd better enjoy it: "You're the man." Louis waits until he's sure Harvey is gone, and then pulls the Dictaphone back out of his pocket to replay brand-new recording of Harvey saying, "You're the man." Over and over. And over.

And over.

Mike goes into Rachel's empty office to retrieve a file. While doing so, he bumps her mouse and up comes her screen. Get a screensaver password, Zane, jeez. Of course that's when she comes back and busts him. She takes it pretty well, responding to his embarrassment by saying, "It's not porn, it's" Sounds like it has the same pop-up problems, though. She confesses to being stuck on the personal essay. Mike starts dictating one for her, which soon veers off into all the stuff he personally appreciates about her. It gets a little awkward -- if not actively steamy -- but he manages to escape before any making out happens. Barely.

At 9:00 sharp the next morning, Louis descends on the bullpen to hand out a bunch of work he completed for the associates last night as a demonstration that he makes them work so they can learn, which they wouldn't get to do at this level at any other firm -- and he's prepared to write glowing recommendations for anyone who wants to find out for themselves. "Now I have ten new cases here. Who wants in?" He leaves them to swarm over the paperwork, while Jessica watches impressed from the door. I don't think she's alone in that.

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