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Enemies Old and New
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Mike returns to his apartment with Rachel from an errand, and after some banter, he reveals that he's scored a picture of her from her father. It shows her dressed as Minnie Mouse from her childhood, and will apparently go on the mantel next to the panda painting so as to really lock down visitors' first impressions of tackiness. He's grateful to her for helping convince Louis to drop his Harvard-related vendetta against Mike, hence the gift, so Rachel points out that Harvey helped, too. This means, as Rachel points out, that Mike needs to find something for Harvey that money can't buy. Because Harvey has all the money.

Mike's next stop is at Donna's desk to ask her advice for a gift. She's got plenty of suggestions for other people, like a picture of Rachel from her father, whereas for Louis, "Just get him anything. He'll cry for days." Unfortunately, there is no gift for Harvey. "He gets what he wants and he doesn't want what he doesn't get, and my knowing that is the only gift he'll ever need from me." Mike insists that he owes Harvey for putting off his eventual and, it still seems inevitable, last day. Donna says there is one thing, but it's too personal and she thinks Mike couldn't make it happen anyway. But Mike's in. The hook is set.

At the senior partner meeting, Jessica introduces the newest of their number, Scottie, and lets her take on an acquisition case. Louis rushes in late, pulling a rolling suitcase and pleading delays at Logan airport, and is pretty pissed that his client has been handed off. Scottie doesn't back down, though, quoting his own bylaws back at him about what happens to people who are late to partner meetings. Harvey and Jessica have been sitting back watching this quietly impressed, and Jessica says Louis gets to the keep the client but the transaction is Scottie's. Obviously Louis isn't going to be satisfied with that. Good, we need another intramural pissing match around here.

Mike delivers Harvey's gift in the form of a case folder. Harvey's unimpressed, so Mike points out that the other attorney is one A. Elliott Stemple, who was the one who kicked Harvey's ass in moot court back at Harvard. Apparently Donna told Mike that Harvey's been itching for a rematch ever since, but Stemple has been ducking Harvey since graduation. Even now, Harvey doesn't look entirely thrilled. That's okay, because Mike is excited enough for both of them.

Louis has demanded a meeting with Jessica, because he wants to know where he falls in the pecking order in relation to Scottie. "I can't pretend that you didn't just screw me over on behalf of your partner's girlfriend," he accuses. Jessica points out that Louis can either bond with Scottie or make an enemy of her, like he's done with at least eight other people whose names she rattles off from the top of her head. So, she says, this is an opportunity for him to change his relationship with Scottie, and possibly even redefine himself in the entire firm. Louis gets up, grinning like a loon, and says Jessica just changed his entire outlook on life. What could go wrong?

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