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The Urge to Merge
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Mike and Harvey sit in the conference room watching a new PSA featuring Hanley Folsom of Folsom Foods, who pays a lot of lip service to supporting women at his company. Not fooled, Harvey pauses it and says they need something that proves it's bullshit -- hot mic footage, an interview from the crew, or whatever. Mike says he tried to hire an investigator but got shut down. Harvey practically Vaders, "Leave that to me."

So he goes right to Jessica's office to complain about resources. She complains right back about clients not getting called back. Harvey says he'll cover it in a mass meeting to all the clients in the library. That satisfies Jessica, but Harvey demands more contract lawyers, paralegals, and Mike's damn investigator already so he can fight these cases properly. He insists that they need to invest, but Jessica says that after the Monica Eaton settlement and the revocation of their line of credit, they're pretty much broke. "So what are you proposing I do?" Harvey snots, as though it wasn't his idea to pay off Monica Eaton.

In the library, Rachel's got her head in the clouds, scouting neighborhoods for when she's at Harvard rather than Googling private eyes like Mike wants her to. She's still waiting for the answer from the one law school in the world, but Mike assures her she's good, probably so he can get her back to work already. Harvey summons Mike from the doorway to a pedeconference, in which he informs him that they'll be concentrating their limited resources on one case. "Do you know how we won World War II?" "Yeah, of course," Mike answers readily. "Spock didn't let Kirk save Joan Collins from getting hit by that car." Okay, first of all, Mike, the character's name was Edith Keeler, and secondly, it was Kirk who stopped Bones. Good thing Mike isn't trying to pass as an MIT grad. In actual history, Harvey explains that Eisenhower didn't have enough men to hit eight invasion points, so he sank them all into Normandy. Harvey wonders aloud what their Normandy against Folsom Foods is going to be, but Mike's already got it: Bakersfield, with the lowest percentage of female promotions, highest percentage of female applicants, and Hanley Folsom's brother in charge of the plant. "Hey, am I Spock or Kirk?" Mike foolishly asks. "Uhura," Harvey answers, which Mike knows he walked into. I would have gone with Wesley.

Harvey's actual Spock, Donna (who gets hot for him every seven years), shows up in his office with an unasked-for espresso and unusual solicitousness about his appearance, plus the news that the meeting's been moved to the conference room. Which is where Harvey runs into his Scotty. His actual Scotty, that is, meaning his ex-squeeze and Harvard classmate Dana Scott, last seen going off to London to get married. Except it never happened, she tells him. Anyway, the business reason she's here is that she's planning to poach the Bakersfield clients. Harvey is not about to let that happen either.

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