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The Urge to Merge

Donna greets Harvey and Dana on their return with some side-eye, and tells them that they're both wanted in Jessica's office. Actually, it's Dana's boss who wants to see her.

They both report to Jessica's office, where old fat Brit Edward Darby is waiting with her. After a little banter and a quick but unnecessary progress report (which is short, because there hasn't been any), Darby admits he has his own reasons for wanting to take down Hardman -- and another twelve million pounds to make it happen. With that, and a subtle warning look at Dana, he takes his leave. That seemed pleasant enough.

Mike comes to Rachel's office, and they quickly patch things up. A process which is greatly facilitated by Rachel's greatly improved mood, and by her informing Mike that she got access to the personal goods on Hanley Folsom. They briefly commiserate over Katrina's fifth-year crap and get on it.

Returning to Harvey's office, Dana comments about how pissed Darby was. "That was pissed? What does happy look like?" "He's British, pretty much the same thing," she admit. They have to admit that their move on Kathleen Mitchell failed, and they're both going to be in trouble for it. Dana says this is a big investment for Darby, but Harvey says he's investing his whole firm. Katrina enters this tense situation and asks Harvey for a minute.

Cut to Harvey coming to see Mike in the bullpen. He's busy pulling up that thing Rachel found, but Harvey says Katrina already found it. "Guess it's a good thing Jessica put her on the case after all." Whoops.

Mike stomps into Katrina's office and slaps a paper in front of her face, saying, 'When people steal from me, I take it personally." He accuses her of distracting Rachel so she could work Mike's lead, and then taking credit for their work. In short, their pissing match is escalating to Super Soakers.

Louis presents himself at the door of Sheila's hotel suite; loaded for bear, having "dispatched" the interviewee she was expecting. He storms in and accuses her of behaving unprofessionally. "Rachel Zane will not be made a casualty of your misplaced anger," he declares. She mockingly calls him Rachel's knight in shining armor, but a moment later, she means it. Louis admits he's being noble, and insists, "You're going to undo this." But the only thing Sheila undoes is a button on her blouse. A moment later he's manhandled her into the bedroom, his hands all over Sheila Zass. What, I'm supposed to not make that joke?

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