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The Urge to Merge

Mike goes to Rachel, still hoping to win the race against Katrina. But now it's going to have to involve stealing from the slow-ass paralegal Katrina gave the copy to. He talks her into getting that employee's access code, and after making sure he wants to do this, she undoes a blouse button of her own. Apparently she guy she needs the code from has a crush on her, and she's about to go work it. But not without giving Mike the tiniest taste first.

Louis and Sheila have finished up, but she still doesn't seem ready to budge on Rachel. She invites Louis to take a gander at some of the resumes on her desk. Louis does, and has to admit they're quite impressive. In fact, they're from her reject pile. In other words, Rachel's rejection had nothing to do with Louis. He still isn't ready to let it drop. "Rachel Zane is the best paralegal in the best law firm in New York. She is relied upon by the best lawyers who have graduated from the best university. The woman is crimson!" But Sheila says she's not about to knock out someone else in favor of Rachel. "You're just going to have to tell her the truth. Sometimes good isn't good enough." So Sheila's an American Idol fan, then?

In Jessica's office, she is indeed short on patience with Harvey over how the Kathleen Mitchell thing is going. It quickly devolves into barely-sensical sniping about James Bond and Pussy Galore. Mike enters in the middle of this, not exactly welcomed by Jessica, until he says they can win Parkville and hands them each a document. "This is the key to everything," Harvey says. "Then we need to get Pussy Galore back on that plane," Jessica says.

Hardman and Hanley Folsom get off the elevator at the firm. The elevator lobby looks a little different, but we'll get to that in a minute. They see Jessica, Harvey, and Mike waiting for them, and Jessica directs their attention to the conference room, where Hardman sees Dana waiting with Kathleen Mitchell. They wonder what the latter is doing there, so Jessica obligingly hands over a copy of the email Kathleen is currently reading. It's the one Hanley Folsom wrote from his personal email talking about how he promoted her because he knew she couldn't get pregnant. "And when she sees it she'll join the suit and you won't stand a chance," Jessica adds. Hardman scoffs that it's one case of many (translation: you win this one), and he and Folsom turn right around again. Which is when Hardman belatedly notices the empty nail-holes on the wall where his name used to be. Not sure what else he expected.<.p>

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