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Stabbed in the Backstory

After credits and ads, we see a close-up of Harvey's door that identifies him as "Senior Associate" as Donna's getting waaaay into speculating on who the perp might be. Harvey finally gets her to be serious and tell him who handles the escrow accounts. That would be Zoe, the character played by Jacinda from Real World: London last week. Should have known she might come up when she and Harvey talked about her departure five years ago.

Back in the present day, Mike's in Rachel's office, trying to convince her to help him get in touch with someone named Monica Eaton. Rachel needs some convincing, after the Donna debacle. "You don't know the real reason why she left," Mike says. Obviously Mike, if Rachel doesn't want to get in touch with Monica, you give Phoebe a call. Instead, we're in another flashback, as Rachel's door dissolves into that of "Monica Eaton, Senior Associate." Which an attractive brunette woman exits just in time to be intercepted by Louis, who boasts about having just been made junior partner and invites her to the racket club he just joined. She's not down, and Louis saves face by following Harvey down the hall instead, giving us a good look at the full head of black hair he had back then. He's also wearing new braces though, over what were even more prominent teeth back then, so it's a bit of a wash. Anyway, he wants to know why Harvey had a private meeting with Jessica when Louis outranks him. A much less gray-haired Hardman sweeps by, snapping at Louis not to wear that tie again. "If I'm ever in charge of anyone, I am gonna be the most beloved leader that those lucky bastards have ever seen," Louis vows. Next we're going to hear about someone's plans to retire at the end of 2008.

Meanwhile, "H-Dog," as Louis is trying to call him, has proceeded on into Zoe's office. They banter a bit about their pool game and Harvey's neglect of her until now that he needs something -- namely to "type in your password and leave for five minutes." He assures her that he's fixing something that he can't tell her about. And somehow it works.

Mike and Trevor are at the bar that night mocking other bargoers, when a couple of attractive women wander into their radar. One of them is Jenny, who seems to dig Mike. Could be because they look like siblings or it could be because Trevor claims Mike's an Olympic swimmer. Timely! Cut to the four of them at a table together, and to impress the girls with a more interesting truth than Mike's revelation that "I love my grandmother," Trevor announces that Mike is a genius, and starts showing him off. Mike's not up for it, but he's like Mr. Memory in The 39 Steps, unable to refrain from giving a correct answer or complete literary quote or what have you. Mr. Discretion, after all, does not put butts in seats. Mike balks on Curious George, however, claiming that "monkeys freak me out." As the girls head to the bathroom, Trevor calls him on lying when for once they don't have to, but Mike protests that his late mom read it to him every night. "Fine. I hate your guts," Trevor says. Also, the original Curious George is disturbing on several levels, not least of all the Man in the Yellow Hat being a colonialist prick.

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