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Stabbed in the Backstory

And at the firm, Harvey goes into Jessica's office and says he followed the money. The man she wants is... Louis Litt. Uh-oh.

Back on the Hogwarts Express, Harvey gets up to disembark at his stop. And then he somehow flashes back to a scene he wasn't in, the morning Louis was called to Jessica's office. Jessica comes out and demands to know how Louis can look her in the face after what he did. Louis breaks down and confesses to having fallen asleep on her office couch, offers to take down his MySpace page and proceeds to confess to a litany of other minor offenses before offering to pack his things. Jessica dismisses him, but orders him to replace all the bran bars he stole from the kitchen. "And I promise never to walk barefoot in the library again," Louis adds. Jessica: "Out!"

She storms right to Harvey's office and hisses, "Next time you bring me a name, make goddamn sure it's the right one." Harvey insists he followed the money, but Jessica says he shit the bed. Donna's listening over the intercom as Jessica tells him to do his job like a man if he wants to sit at the grown-ups' table, then comes in to act sympathetic and gloss over the fact that she listens in on his private conversations. Harvey admits that Louis might not have done it, but can help find who did.

At a falafel stand, Mike tells Trevor that Nikki -- the other girl from the bar -- called him even though he liked Jenny better. But of course, Trevor has already called Jenny, so that bus has left and won't return to the station for a good four years. Now the two of them move on to mocking an uptight-looking suit who just walked by, who is of course none other than a younger Harvey Specter. "Man, if I ever look like that, shoot me," Mike says. Of course, Trevor will do worse than that when the time comes.

Monica's at lunch with a younger, bangs-tastic Rachel Zane, expositing how the latter is studying for the LSATs and plans to be a lawyer in five years. Rachel also notices Louis sitting at another table across the restaurant and asks Monica how often he asks her out. Monica says every day, but doesn't care. Harvey sits down with Louis, mocks him for his stalking (even though Louis claims he's been coming here this time every week for years and will continue to do so until his death), and hands over a sheaf of heavily redacted financial records, claiming the client works for another firm. He lets Louis name a couple and think he's on the right track and in seconds, Louis has already determined that the perp has framed some other "smuck," unaware that the smuck is Louis himself. Given that Harvey is asking for Louis's help, he can't exactly tear into him for mispronouncing "schmuck," but I still don't see how he doesn't immediately start quoting My Blue Heaven.

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