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Stabbed in the Backstory

Mike then goes to visit his grandmother, who was still in her own apartment back then. Alas, she seems to have taken a fall. Fortunately a neighbor is there to help out, but he quietly advises Mike to get her some full-time care for her.

In Harvey's office, he's not impressed with Jessica's decision to cover for Daniel by having the firm take out a loan that he can pay back. "Great, my dad has gout. Can I have a million dollars?" Harvey asks. Okay, that pay scale would be totally backwards. Besides which, Jessica doesn't appreciate his lack of sympathy. Harvey goads her about being Hardman's number two and reminds her, "We made a deal, and I honored it. It's time for you to honor it." Jessica says, "A man's wife is dying, and the first words out of your mouth are 'you owe me.' Who's the bad guy now?" Jessica walks out past Donna, who for once looks embarrassed to have overheard.

Still in the past, Mike goes up to Nikki at her job and demands five thousand to take the test for her. He strong-arms her into agreeing, but she wants to know why he changed his mind. Mike pauses just long enough to make us think he's going to circle back to "I love my grandmother," but thinks better of it and answers, "None of your business." That's a better answer anyway.

And at the firm, Donna encounters Rachel in Monica's office. Donna already knows all about Rachel, including the fact she started three months ago and that her father's a partner at Rand, Calder and Zane. They end up having a little amusing banter with each other that concludes with Donna warmly announcing, "You're weird. We'll be friends." Finally, a prediction that isn't ironic. But there's one more tidbit: Rachel mentions that Monica has Tuesday Pilates at Chelsea Piers.

Donna excitedly runs right to Harvey, saying, "You're going to be so happy that I listened to your intercom." Cut to Harvey ringing the doorbell of a penthouse with a bottle of champagne and a room service cart. When Hardman opens the door in a t-shirt, Harvey walks right in, saying, "The money you've been stealing from our clients hasn't been going to your wife's cancer treatments. Hey, Monica, how's it going?" For she was Hardman's mistress. Harvey dismisses her and presents Hardman with a prewritten resignation letter, naming Jessica as his successor. Hardman threatens to take all of Harvey's clients, but in turn Harvey says Mrs. Hardman's on her way now and the room Harvey has her sent to is entirely dependent on whether Hardman signs the letter in the next three minutes. "You dragged a woman racked with cancer here to blackmail me?" Hardman sanctimoniously accuses. "You think it's me she's going to have issue with?" Harvey asks, advancing on Hardman and saying he knows he loves his wife and doesn't want her to spend the rest of her life "picturing this." Hardman now has two minutes. "It's your call." Of course, we know the call he made.

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