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Stabbed in the Backstory

Back in the past, Mike gets back to his apartment with Nikki's five grand, which he plans to spend on his grandmother's care. Furthermore, Nikki has three referrals for him. Let's hope they're all equally discreet. Trevor says that's good news for Mike, who will now be on the hook for the full rent. And then he proudly presents an entire freezer bag full of pot, so look who else is moving on up. Trevor quickly stashes the bag away when Jenny knocks on the door for her first date with Trevor, because his drug dealing remains unknown to her until the pilot. "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes," Mike greets her at the door. They look at each other ruefully, almost as if they know they're going to spend years mooning over each other instead of just dating like they clearly both want to.

At the firm, Jessica shows Harvey the freshly plastered hole in her office wall where Hardman threw a phone at her head. "He throws like a girl," she adds. She also tells him that there's a new partner, but he refuses to thank her. At least not until she tells him that she's taking Hardman's old office and giving hers to Harvey. "He'd be proud," she adds, like Harvey wants to think about his dead dad at a time like this. Harvey not only thanks her... he means it. Jessica heads to the partners meeting, so Harvey gets to enjoy the moment for a minute before Donna comes in, saying, "Finally, an office big enough for your balls." Because of Harvey's autographed basketballs, you know. That gets volleyed back a couple of times until Harvey wonders if this means Donna listens in on Jessica's intercom as well. "No, she told me," Donna insists. Before Harvey? "I was the one to figure it out about Daniel," she reminds him and says they need to focus on what's important: "You just made partner." Harvey corrects, "We just made partner." Donna's off to get the can opener, which Harvey reminds her is pre-trial ritual. Donna says they're making an exception, so Harvey agrees to get the thumbtacks. "Three dozen. "Going for the record!" Donna says excitedly. I still have no idea. I'm pretty sure nobody writing this show does either.

Harvey returns to what will soon be his former office to see Jacinda there with an envelope. He thinks she's there to congratulate him on making partner, but she's so disgusted with how this all played out that she's leaving the firm. Or so Harvey thinks -- she was actually there to drop a sympathy card on his desk, assuming he'd be out mourning his father instead of celebrating his professional advancement gained by taking down the managing partner. He says he's dealing how he deals, but she says he's lost his way and leaves him alone in his old office. I think this would be sadder if we didn't already know that she comes back in the present.

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