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Stabbed in the Backstory

Speaking of when, Harvey walks up in slo-mo to a relatively fresh gravestone at a cemetery full of moss-covered ones and uses it as a sideboard to pour two shots of scotch, one of which he downs. The other he leaves on the stone, so I guess now the maintenance guy gets a bottle and a shot. The camera pans down to read, "Gordon Specter, Loving Father, 1938-2007." Through all of this, an old blues tune is wailing about wishing you were here and wondering about when your face will be seen again. And then we're back to Harvey in his present-day office, gazing out at Donna's empty desk. Wow, Cameron really got under his skin, didn't he?

Jessica catches up with him the hallway and asks how it went yesterday. "Fine," Harvey says, and asks if Mike pulled it off. Jessica says he did and had no idea Jessica was in on it. "We threw Daniel's ass out once, we'll do it again," Harvey says. "One more thing: I'm getting Donna back." Okay, finally. You know something? That was actually really good.

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