Shadow of a Doubt

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Harvey calls Donna from her desk, all clingy because he needs two copies of a motion and she's out of the office because has "a thing." She's supposedly at the dentist during her lunch hour, "which my teeth deserve," and besides, she says, the copies are already on his desk. After she hangs up, Stephen Huntley -- who is in bed next to her -- repeats, "You had a thing?" In her teeth? He wonders what Harvey wanted, but they agreed not to talk about work at lunch. And why answer a question when she can deflect it with banter? Anyway, they still have fifteen minutes of lunch hour left to fill up with things and teeth.

Harvey, Mike, and Cameron Dennis are in the judge's chambers, as Harvey reminds her that she promised to dismiss the case if Cameron couldn't find more evidence. Cameron says he has five witnesses, and Mike points out that their statements are inadmissible. Cameron argues that they still exist, which the judge agrees with. Harvey changes course, asking for an expedited trial. Cameron argues for more time to build his case, and the judge says the trial's a week from Monday. I'm not sure if that's expedited or not. Given that most episodes of this show take place in a period of two days or so, they won't be in court until the summer finale.

Back at the office, Donna is trying to explain to Rachel why she hasn't told Harvey about Stephen yet. Rachel says she needs to, so Harvey can know that Harvey's work-Donna and Stephen's sex-Donna can coexist. "I liked it better when we talked about you and Mike," Donna says. Rachel insists that Donna has to come clean because it's all over her face. Which is what happens when you spend lunch hour with a thing in your teeth. Donna scoffs that men are oblivious, but Louis wanders by and immediately notices something different about Donna, and tells her to keep doing it.

Leaving the courthouse, Mike notices that Harvey's taking the rejection of his motion to dismiss pretty well. He figures out that Harvey expected nothing less, and only asked for it so the judge would be more likely to say yes to an expedited trial. Now Cameron has a crap case with no evidence, and Mike says they're even more likely to win if the case also has no Cameron. Harvey says a replacement lawyer would drop the case, given only two weeks of prep time. "Unless they had a personal beef with you, which they wouldn't," Mike says rather optimistically. As though Harvey hasn't pissed off every third person in this town. They both know what it's going to take to get Cameron kicked off the case: prove that he colluded with Tony Gianopolous, the guy who tried to take over Hessington Oil. So I guess that's what they'll be working on until at least the next ad break.

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