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A Hardman is Bad to Find

Next morning, Harvey breezes into his office asking his assistant Donna to get Mr. Sherman on the phone so politely that she knows something's up. Between that, the off-center dimple in his tie and the fact that he's wearing lavender, Donna figures out that either Harvey's mother is back in his life or Jessica found out about Mike. "Does he know?" Harvey just shakes his head gravely.

Mike is happily jamming with his ear-buds on in the elevator, which he disembarks to engage in some good-mood banter with Rachel in the hallway. He talks about his dinner the previous evening with an amazing woman. Rachel thinking he means Jenny. He corrects that it was Jessica. "I do okay with the cougars," he adds when Rachel remarks that Jessica is a bit old for him (not mentioning that Jessica's also out of his league) and belatedly realizes that may have been a dumb thing to say. As dumb as "black don't crack"?

In Harvey's office, he's just finished telling Donna that he has to fire Mike when Mike himself bursts in, still flying high. Donna makes herself scarce and Harvey tries to break the news to Mike. But Mike's too jazzed about his "WWHD" (What Would Harvey Do) plan to get rid of that lawsuit holding up the Swinton merger to let Harvey get a word in edgewise and even seems to improve Harvey's mood somewhat. Finally, Harvey gets Mike to sit down. It's quiet out in Donna's area, because for once she's not listening in and after a short time Mike comes out, walking past her looking stunned. She goes in to ask Harvey how it went and he says he didn't do it. Donna accuses him of getting all emotional, but Harvey's maintaining that it would just be too much work to replace Mike. "Can I get you anything?" she asks, unconvinced. "Tissue? Glass of water? Tampon?" Harvey busts her on not listening for once, saying she was too emotional her own self. Donna asks what he's going to do now and Harvey says he'll buy some time. Donna asks why Mike walked out looking so shell-shocked if Harvey didn't say anything about Jessica. "I told him I was proud of him," Harvey says. It's a wonder Mike could walk at all.

Mike goes to a bookstore and asks the clerk where to find James Jenkins' newest book, but it's just a ruse because the clerk, Myra, is the one making that lawsuit holding up the Swinton merger, in which she claims the idea for the book was hers. Yes, she worked for the publishing company and signed an employment agreement giving them the rights to all her work (which was... dumb), but she still wants credit. He lays out the scenario of what he calls her "bullshit lawsuit," which is going to cost her a lot of money and which she'll end up losing. He walks away fist-pumping himself for his Harvey move, but of course she totally kills his buzz by saying, "I bet your mother's proud of you." About ten seconds of guilt-tripping is all it takes to get Mike to listen to her story about how she came up with a pitch and even has a treatment to e-mail to Mike to prove it. "I just want to be paid for my idea," she explains. Don't we all? I'd like to be paid for my idea for a gun that fires ninjas, but I don't see anyone coming off any cash for me.

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