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A Hardman is Bad to Find

Back at the office, Mike is explaining to Harvey about how he believes the plaintiff. "I'm fighting for your job and you're going to screw up this merger?" Harvey asks in disbelief. Mike doubts that, reminding Harvey that he was going to fire him before. Harvey points out that intention and action are two different things, much like the day he met Mike when he was going to deal drugs and didn't. "You have to trust me. You are not getting fired on my watch," Harvey insists. Mike says he trusts him and Harvey dispatches him to take care of that lawsuit already.

Out in the hall, Mike tries to flag down Rachel, who dismissively says she got his message and blows him off. "What message?" Mike wonders, while Donna studiously ignores him in the background rather than bothering to clear any of this up.

Mike visits his grandmother in the nursing home and over milk and cookies they reminisce about their respective running-away-from-home stories. As it turns out, Grammy's tale that she told him when he was six years old and ran away to her house was basically a repurposed Hansel and Gretel. "There is nothing new under the sun," Mike says, having a visible epiphany in mid-line. He takes his leave, but not without asking if there's anything else he should know. "Like, am I from Krypton?" "Possible," she deadpans. I think he'd know that one.

Harvey shows up at the Hardman house, where the wake is still going on just in time to talk with his teenage daughter Sarah on her way out for a walk. He looks a bit guilty before stepping inside and putting a gift basket on the food table. Daniel comes over to him and Harvey alludes to some scam Daniel pulled five years ago that Jessica wanted to keep secret to protect the firm... but now, years later, its revelation would only hurt Daniel. Who reiterates that he hasn't decided, but that Harvey's threat only makes him want to come back. Harvey tells Daniel about a childhood friend who never forgave his mother for cheating on his father and now he threatens Daniel with Sarah "finding out what kind of man her father is. Everything. You think I won't do that? I will." Daniel looks shocked and asks why he's doing this. Harvey says he's protecting his own. "Do us all a favor and set up shop somewhere else." On his way out of the house, Harvey gets a call and answers, "It's done. He won't be coming back." Doesn't Harvey have other things to do besides blackmail people any more?

Mike seems to have engineered an ambush meeting at the publisher's office between Myra and her old boss, where he says that Myra still wants her old boss to admit what she did. She refuses to do so, until Mike threatens to give her a polygraph test -- which her employment agreement allows him to force her to take as the company's counsel. Okay, this company's employment agreement is some bullshit. "I took it," she admits. As she makes her excuses, Mike points out, "She's threatened by you, Myra. Not a good choice of mentor." Mike gives Myra a pen, but she's still not signing without public credit. Myra's kind of turning out to be an asshole. So Mike busts out a few other books from the publishing company, all of which are similar to Myra's pitch. She asks if he's accusing her of the same thing and he downplays, "I'm saying there's nothing new under the sun." So he threatens to countersue unless she signs the deal. Which she does. And he tells her, "You want to be a writer? Then write. But don't ever threaten me or my firm again." Look who just got Harveyed after all.

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