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Beam Yourself Up, Scottie
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Harvey finds Scottie at a hotel bar and sits down across from her, looking uncharacteristically sheepish. He painfully utters an apology for not believing her when she was telling the truth about not having any part in the firm getting fired and then sued for malpractice by Ava Hessington. He maintains that he wasn't wrong to think she might do it, and advises her go ahead with the dissolution and get out herself, before Darby International goes down in flames. She's still loyal to Darby, and asks if he would bail on his mentor like he's suggesting she do. He says he would, if that mentor sanctioned murder. For now, all Scottie will agree to do is figure out a plan to fight Ava's lawsuit together. It's a start.

At Rachel's apartment, Mike is being pretty quiet, even pissy in the wake of Rachel's revelation that she got into Stanford. He admits that he said he'd support any decision she made, but thought that California was off the table when Rachel got into Columbia. "And we said we love each other." Rachel says it's not that, and that she's trying to decide which school is best using her own pros and cons list without factoring in anything else. Like, you know, Mike. He tells her that she's going to have to factor him in at some point. True, but Mike probably needs to improve his attitude so he stays on the pro list rather than the con.

The next morning in his office, Harvey tells Jessica that he doesn't want to start another war with Scottie and would rather go with her plan. Jessica's not feeling that, saying they're not going to win a case where Edward Darby sanctioned murder, so she says Harvey is going to have to privately talk Ava Hessington out of suing her and Harvey, at least. "What about when Scottie finds out?" he wonders. Jessica's wordless exit is all the answer he's going to get, which is that it's his problem.

Harvey is shown into the expansive office where he used to meet with Ava Hessington, but she's not there; Travis Tanner is, of all people. He's there representing Ava, and he tells Harvey that she's not letting the suit go. Harvey accuses Tanner of using this as an excuse to try to beat Harvey again. Tanner admits that he saw this as a chance to take Harvey's lunch money. Harvey flips a quarter out of his pocket and tells Tanner to call his mom to tell her to get the tissues ready. "Because you're 0 and 2 against me, and the 0 isn't the number that's gonna change." Ooh, sick burn. Sick, wordy, burn.

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