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Beam Yourself Up, Scottie

Back at the firm, Mike asks Harvey whether he's going after Ava or Tanner, but Harvey says they're going to wait until Tanner deposes him and see what's up. Mike is itching for an assignment in a way that makes Harvey realize he's got girlfriend trouble, and mocks him for it as though Mike's still in high school. Mike points out that people also have girlfriends after high school, not that Harvey would know, not having graduated from high school emotionally. "Because the only thing you ever graduated from is high school," Harvey says. Mike: "Why you gotta go there, man?"

Sheila Sazs from Harvard is in a hotel suite-slash-war room with Louis, showing him some candidate selection software. She invites him into the bedroom, but he says he needs to focus. Yet all it takes to get him interested is for her to show Louis some pictures -- of Louis -- including one from his Harvard days, and another one of him wielding a sword in chain mail. Should have known Louis was a LARP-er. She says there are already fifty of those photos taped to the ceiling. "You won't be looking at the ceiling," Louis says. TMI!

Jessica meets with Scottie at the firm to advise her to keep her cool, not that Scottie thinks she needs the advice. Jessica warns her that Tanner is going to try to get under her skin, like the time he provoked Harvey into punching Tanner in the face. "And if Harvey hadn't done it, I might have." She gives Scottie a little background on Tanner's Oedipal insinuations on that occasion, to alert Scottie that Tanner isn't above getting personal. Or above anything, really.

In Rachel's office, she's trying to show Mike that it can work if she decides to go to Stanford -- again, a decision she's trying to make totally separately from wanting to be with Mike. He's a little more gloom and doom, saying he doesn't know anyone who's ever made a long-distance relationship work. "You choose to go to Stanford, it most likely means we're done." Well, as long as he isn't pressuring her. Jessica, out in the hall, sees him leave her office. Look who just found her way into this particular loop.

After they've finished in bed, Sheila shows Louis the CV of a prize candidate he loves, that she's apparently been saving for him. She invites him to skip work the rest of the day, but he's already feeling guilty about the 77 minutes he just took off, and says he has to go. She hands him the folder and tips her face up for a kiss, but all she gets is a professional "thank you." Clearly not what she was looking for.

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