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Beam Yourself Up, Scottie

A short time later, the parties are present for the deposition, with Scottie, Harvey, and Jessica sitting across from Travis Tanner. Tanner starts right in on Harvey's "side deal" with Darby to take over from Jessica if he won Ava's case. He claims unconvincingly that it was a conflict of interest, and accuses Harvey of knowing from the start that he couldn't lose because he knew Stephen Huntley's murders would be discovered, which, even though Tanner claims to have evidence that Harvey did know, we all know better. And then he tells Scottie that Harvey tried to make his own deal with Ava a few days ago behind Scottie's back. (It seems like Harvey would have seen that coming and confessed to Scottie before now). Luckily for him Scottie plays it cool, but Tanner keeps pushing, getting more and more personal by bringing up how Scottie was engaged the last time she and Harvey hooked up. "Come after me, Tanner," Harvey says. Tanner has decided he's done enough, though.

Later that evening, Mike comes to Rachel's office to ask her for a copy of the deposition, which is his way of showing her that he's giving her space. Not really working, until Mike says that he's going to respect Rachel's process. He says he went to see Harvey earlier, and though he didn't get any advice from him, he realized that he's going to lose Rachel if he's Harvey, and he'll push her away if he's Mike. "You go to Stanford, we'll beat the odds." That seems to be just what she wanted to hear. Not sure why that was so hard.

Scottie comes to Harvey's office, and without Tanner in the room she's got no reason not to yell at him for screwing her and Darby. Harvey reminds her that he tried to include her in that deal and she turned him down, and says that Tanner is just trying to turn them against each other. He says he didn't have a choice. "And neither do you. You just haven't seen that yet." Maybe clear it up for her by being condescending, Harvey.

Louis intercepts Mike in the hallway and tries to get him to convince his favorite candidate to come to the firm. Mike obviously can't help, not knowing the guy, though he claims that they were in different years when of course we all know that Mike's year at Harvard was aught-never. Louis follows Mike all the way down to the bullpen saying this is really about Sheila Sazs. "What about it? I mean her?" Mike asks. Louis tells Mike what happened, and even through his crabbed view of the situation, Mike manages to read that Sheila wants an exclusive relationship with Louis, personally. Louis starts to mansplain to Mike about women until he realizes, "Holy shit, it was staring me right in the face." Yes. Yes, it was.

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