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Beam Yourself Up, Scottie

Travis Tanner meets Scottie on the sidewalk, offering her a coffee. She makes a crack about how it likely has a roofie in it, but Tanner is making a peace offering to join him against Harvey. He just wants her to say Harvey knew about Stephen Huntley's involvement in the murders two months ago. Scottie says she's betrayed Harvey once and is done now, so Tanner presents her with a subpoena of her own. She should have known he'd have a stick to go with the carrot.

Cut to Tanner deposing Scottie, asking her about Harvey's feelings on the merger while she's flanked by Jessica and Harvey. He starts right in, mocking Scottie and trying to get her to admit that she wanted Harvey to fall in love with her. Jessica and Harvey both defend her, as Tanner accuses Scottie of setting up the merger to get back at Harvey, and is dramatically skeptical of Scottie's ignorance in the murders. Scottie says that both Darby and Stephen kept her in the dark on that, so Tanner presents an affidavit from Stephen Huntley saying that Scottie knew all about it. Harvey says that's a lie and calls a halt. And Scottie got all the way to the end of that without losing her cool. Which is why she's better than Harvey.

Donna comes down to visit Mike in the bullpen, supposedly to talk about Scottie's deposition, but really because she wants to talk to Stephen and she knows Harvey would say no. Mike also thinks it's a bad idea, though Donna claims she's trying to protect both Scottie and Harvey. "Because he may not know how he feels but I do." And no, you didn't miss her coded warning to Mike about Jessica unless I did too.

Stephen is ushered into the visiting room at the prison to see Mike and Donna waiting there for him…with the affidavit. They ask him what Tanner offered him in exchange for his lie about Scottie, and he claims that Scottie was his boss, so she should have known. That argument gets less tedious every time somebody makes it this season. Mike says this is just trying to make Darby's testimony look like a lie, which of course it is because Darby never had the conversation with Stephen about the murders that he's now claiming to have had, and Stephen says so. Donna asks Mike for a minute, and as soon as she's alone with Stephen, she accuses him of lying about Scottie, which he admits to. She says, "If anything you ever said to me was true, please don't do this." He says he's sorry, but he has to. Donna looks through the door at Mike, who comes back in and asks if they have what they need. Which they do, because as Mike points out, every conversation here is recorded, and they just got him admitting that his affidavit was a lie. Are they not worried about his saying that Darby's testimony is also a lie? I guess not, because his credibility is probably not what it once was.

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