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Litt Up
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With Jessica at his side, Harvey's being deposed on video by Travis Tanner in the Pearson Hardman conference room. You can tell Harvey's intimidated by how he's making fun of Tanner's tie. Tanner, in turn, isn't offended, pleasantly reminding the audience of how this is all about his fraud case against Harvey for allegedly burying a case-making document four years ago. You know, the one Donna misplaced, found again, shredded and got fired for? Harvey explains the discovery of the document from the old case files with a "whoops," which cracks Tanner up. You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, Tanner proposed settling for five million dollars and Harvey's disbarment, but in light of this development, now he wants a hundred mil... and Harvey's disbarment. Harvey dares Travis to take them to court, which Jessica backs him on given the figure Tanner just quoted. So Tanner says he's willing to take zero dollars, as long as Harvey's still disbarred. Attempting to divide and conquer, Tanner reminds Jessica that Harvey's hardly worth this additional trouble on top of what he already gives her, but Jessica insists he solves more problems than he creates. That must happen off-camera. Since that approach didn't work, Tanner starts questioning Harvey's manhood, trying to piss him off. Jessica tries to call a halt to this, but Tanner keeps going, first saying that Jessica's the man in her relationship with Harvey, then that she's Harvey's mommy and then that Harvey has a thing for mommy. He keeps pushing, "Now it all makes sense. Because I actually looked into your mommy, and it turns out the whole time you were home with Daddy, Mommy was out banging --" But we never find out who Mommy was banging, because Harvey jumps out of his chair and punches Tanner in the face. "I'll see you in court, Harv," Tanner says, a self-satisfied trickle of blood coming from his mouth.

Later, in Jessica's office with Hardman, Harvey is unrepentant over having physically assaulted the opposing counsel, but Hardman wants them to prepare with a trial run. A trial trial, if you will. When he leaves, Jessica says he's an asshole, but Harvey says he's right. They'll have to practice, but they'll need just the right person to play Tanner: someone nasty, someone who hates Harvey, somebody who Harvey will want to punch in the face. Do we even need to bother cutting to Louis?

Okay, I guess we do. Behind his desk, Louis is laughing and trying to make Harvey beg him to help out, but Harvey turns it around and goads Louis into wanting to beat Harvey more than ever. "Somebody wants to get Litt up!" Louis catchphrases. You're welcome, Louis.

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