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Harvey returns to his office, where his temp assistant Cameron has color-coded his messages according to urgency. But since Donna hasn't called back (which would be red) Harvey considers everything else "the same shade of I-don't-give-a-shit." The word "shit" is just funnier on USA somehow and the writers do milk that hard. Mike comes in and wants to hear all about the punching, but Harvey's dead-serious about what is definitely not a mock trial. Mike eventually takes the hint, just as they run into Louis, who tells Mike that the judge for the in-house trial -- Hardman -- has drafted Mike to help Louis fake-prosecute Harvey. As Louis proceeds on his way, Mike's complaint about this to Harvey turns into a Breakfast Club quote-off, until Harvey again gets serious and says Jessica needs to be able to beat Muhammad Ali and Louis isn't even Joe Frazier. Hence Mike's assignment to help... Frazier Louis up a bit, I guess.

That night, Harvey plays pool in a bar with a former Pearson Hardman employee, played by Jacinda from The Real World: London, explaining that he wants her to come back to jury-consult for the trial. But of course there's a lot of tiresome exposition about whether Harvey chased her and how hard and come on, just do it already. When, in fact, what I really want to know is whether she's coming back for the fake trial or the real trial or both. That seems more relevant than the competition-level flirting that's going on between them.

At the firm, Rachel busts Mike practicing his opening statement, complete with quotes from A Few Good Men (did I call that or what?). Rachel gets serious and asks Mike if it's possible Harvey actually did it. She doesn't know him as well as Mike does after all, and Mike has an unusual early-episode epiphany as he realizes Rachel doesn't think Harvey has integrity. He starts to rush out, but Rachel's worried about what happens to Mike if Harvey loses. Mike says it's not his job to worry about that right now. Which is a pretty good dodge given that he can't exactly tell her that Harvey's the only reason his ass is still at the firm.

Mike finds Louis practicing his own opening statement and gives him some insight into Harvey, as well as passing along some of Harvey's own advice: "Don't play the odds; play the man." Mike even tells Louis about how Harvey threatened to perjure himself in order to beat Tanner last season. Louis isn't surprised to hear it, because he also doesn't think Harvey has integrity. "So then use that against him," Mike advises. Louis says thanks anyway, and as long as they're on the subject of integrity, Mike brings up the Louis's bugging incident. They argue about it and Louis says Mike's twisting what happened. "Which is exactly what you need to do to Harvey," Mike says. Oh, see how he was doing Louis a favor by calling him out on being a sneaky weasel just now?

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