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Litt Up

Harvey intercepts Donna as she's coming out of her building, and they bicker about how he hasn't personally called her until Donna realizes he just needs her for the trial run. Donna's pissed though, saying Harvey didn't fight for her -- or if he did, he didn't win it like he won the fight for Mike. Yeah, I've been thinking about that myself. Of course, Mike didn't fuck up the way Donna did and he had Harvey as a co-conspirator on that one. Donna adds that Harvey didn't even fire her himself, like he would have with Mike and when Harvey argues that Jessica wanted to be the one to do it, Donna quite rightly points out that Harvey doesn't exactly have a sterling record of obedience to Jessica. In any case, she's not coming back. Furthermore, she's hired her own attorney and is planning to plead the Fifth if this goes to trial, so she's not about to walk into Pearson Hardman and say otherwise. And with that, she leaves Harvey standing there on the sidewalk, yelling her name. Which, oddly, doesn't work the way it used to now that he's not her boss any more.

At the firm, Jacinda's offering her jury consulting services to Jessica while Harvey sits there making helpful wisecracks about how awesome he is. Jacinda demonstrates her ability to read people by describing how the partners don't trust Harvey -- and by extension, his biggest supporter, Jessica -- so if there were to be a vote for control of the company right now, Hardman would win. Jacinda's offer of loyalty to Jessica over Hardman clinches the deal.

Later, the trial run is going on in the library -- the same venue for the associates' mock trial that Mike lost last season. Louis has Harvey on the fake witness stand, softening him up by making him state his full name (Harvey Reginald Specter) and bringing up that file-hiding prank Harvey pulled on Louis in their first year. Louis is trying to establish a pattern of deceptive behavior on Harvey's part, which he seems to do pretty effectively even over Jessica's objections (which Hardman, as the judge, ignores). "Except this time a man was killed," Louis concludes. Looks like someone just got Litt up!

Mike calls the next witness, Donna Paulson. But it turns out he's just practicing in the empty library with Rachel as Donna. Just as Donna promised to do, Rachel pleads the Fifth. (I'd think they could just get Harold to come in and decline to answer, if there were anything else for Rachel to do on this show any more) As Mike keeps pushing, Rachel keeps not answering. That is, at least until Mike seems to put "Donna" in the ground even without her answering any questions. Rachel says to Mike, "This is gonna be bad, isn't it?" Mike should probably not answer that.

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