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In the hallways, Louis is unconvinced that the Mike vs. Rachel bit will swing the jury, which, according to Louis, responds to fear. So he slaps Mike with a subpoena on the logic that Mike knows everything about Harvey. Mike tries to dodge to the restroom, but Louis drags him into his office, where a polygraph is waiting, complete with technician. Soon Louis is asking Mike baseline questions, like his name and his occupation and... where he attended law school. Of course, Mike didn't. It looks like he's caught, but Louis pushes him. Mike finally says, "I'm proud to say I have a diploma from Harvard Law," which he does, even though it's as fake as Louis's smile. The technician nods, and Mike's had enough, saying this won't get them anywhere because he doesn't know anything about the case anyway. He gets out of the chair and says, "You want fear? I'll get you Donna." There's going to be fear all right if Mike gets up in Donna's grill, but I don't think it's what Mike is expecting.

So then it's Mike's turn to intercept Donna outside her building. She walks up to him, smiling, and then snaps, "The answer's no." Mike follows her down the sidewalk, reminding her she broke her promise she made him not to shred the document. She says she also promised her attorney not to talk about this with anyone at the firm, because she'd rather not go to jail: "I don't do roommates and I definitely don't do orange." Mike leaves her with this thought -- Harvey's taking the fall for her mistake and she's going to regret it for the rest of her life.

At the firm, the trial is continuing, complete with audience. Apparently nobody in this firm has anything better to do than watch trial prep. Louis calls Jessica as a witness. Jessica quietly sidebars to Hardman that this is an attempt to make her look bad, which Louis points out is something Tanner will do as well. Hardman seems inclined to allow it and even when she dismisses Louis and calls Hardman out for wanting to embarrass her in front of the partners, he reminds her that she insisted on trying the case. "So either take a knee or take that stand." Jessica opts for the latter, if nothing else because getting on one knee is no joke at her height. Louis goes right at her, quizzing her on Harvey's status as the firm's youngest-ever senior partner and whether that would have happened had he not won the Coastal Motors case that the formerly missing document surely would have lost. Louis presses the question, finally forcing the conclusion that the difference between winning and losing can mean millions, no matter how hard others in the firm might be working. "Quite the incentive to almost always win," he sneers. And you thought we might get through an episode without picking at Louis's resentment.

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