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Harvey and Jacinda sit at dinner bantering for roughly forever until she gets down to business; he needs to start worrying about this case and maybe be a bit less of an ass. "Being an ass doesn't make me guilty of fraud," he points out. It doesn't rule it out, either. Jacinda says he needs to show some vulnerability -- like he never showed her, which is why she never called him back. Her point is that the jury needs to care about him and want to protect him. Good luck with that.

Back at the firm, Louis calls "Donna" to the stand. Rachel rises, as planned, but the real Donna walks in. In the face of this surprising development, Mike advises Louis to stick to the script. But once Donna's on the stand, Louis gets about two unanswered questions in before crumpling said script and saying he's not going to play this game. He takes a minute and asks Donna if she would have buried something if Harvey had asked her to. She says Harvey would never ask, but Louis says that wasn't the question. Which Donna still isn't answering, so Louis accuses her of hiding something. "And I think I know why. Do you love Harvey Specter?" One would expect the library to erupt in laughter, but Louis is being serious. He asks about Donna's ex (who dumped her for putting work first), Louis keeps at her, even as Jessica objects. Finally he stops when Harvey stands up and barks, "That's enough!" Donna, you may or may not have noticed, still hasn't answered the question. She walks out of the office, letting the elevator doors shut in Harvey's face when he tries to follow her. These wordless exits of hers are starting to get to me.

So Harvey goes and yells at Louis in the bathroom for crossing the line. Louis insists that doing that made him sick, but it's what Tanner would have done and Louis was only doing his job. "You really want to beat me that badly?" Harvey accuses. Louis points out to clueless, arrogant Harvey that this whole exercise is about saving him. "Everyone is trying to help you because you screwed up. This is all your fault. And what just happened to that beautiful woman in there, that's on you. Not me!" Okay, actually it's more on the aforementioned beautiful woman if you ask me, but I think we may have just found out who really loves whom.

I don't know why Donna even leaves her apartment any more, but when she comes home at night, Mike's out on her stoop. He apologizes, but she's not having it and gets to say "Bullshit" four times in a row on USA. Oddly, it's not funny at all. Donna accuses Mike of being a little too much like Harvey, but Mike says they were both just trying to protect him in their own way. He protests that he and Louis had a script, and Donna lambastes Mike for trusting Louis, who Mike should have known would screw everyone. "That is just who he is." Suddenly Mike gets his second epiphany of the episode, realizing "'People are who they are! Thank you! I can fix this!" And he's off.

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