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Cut to Louis on the stand as Jessica cross-examines him, asking if he resents Harvey for being "better." She goes on to ask if Louis thinks Harvey deserves to be senior partner. Louis has to admit that he does and that he's an excellent attorney. "And as much as you hate him, do you think he committed this fraud?" "No," Louis all but sighs. Jessica rests her case. Well, that was certainly dramatic and almost completely useless.

In a scene that explains why, Jessica finds Mike still scalp-deep in Tanner's case files, not at all convinced that Jessica won fairly. After all, it was Louis who stated his belief in Harvey on the stand not Tanner, which will never happen in court. "You do realize that you are chastising the managing partner?" Jessica reminds him, not without humor. Mike says that won't matter if Harvey gets disbarred. "We'll find a way to win," Jessica says. Mike says she should be thinking about settling, but Jessica says there isn't an acceptable offer. "Yet," Mike reminds her.

An uncharacteristically angry Tanner comes and finds Harvey at the boxing gym and waves a settlement offer in his face. One of its stipulations is that Harvey's off the hook and Tanner's pissed at him for whatever he did to make that happen. Harvey knows nothing about this, but Tanner thinks he's just playing dumb. "Daniel Hardman doesn't work you, you work him," Tanner accuses. So clearly he's not as smart as he wants everyone to think he is.

Cut to the firm, where Jessica and Harvey are in mid-argument over the deal Daniel proposed, which costs each partner a hundred grand. "Including me," Hardman points out. "You share the profits, you share the losses." Jessica says there won't be any losses when she wins at trial, but Daniel says that without the threat of Harvey's disbarment, which is now off the table, there's no reason for her to go to trial. Harvey wants to know how Daniel pulled that off and Hardman says he found some dirt on Tanner. Jessica accuses Hardman of blackmail (like she and Harvey didn't try to blackmail Hardman at the beginning of the season), but Harvey just wants to know exactly what dirt Hardman found. Hardman, however, isn't sharing. He tells Jessica, "You cleared Harvey's name inside the firm. We both know that's what you wanted. Time to move on." And then he says he wants the partners to vote on whether to take the settlement offer or not. And here we thought that when Daniel called for a vote of the partners, it would be to take over the firm.

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