The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences

Despite the lateness of the hour, Harvey actually is in his office, poring over a document that his client apparently already signed. "I want it to know who its daddy is," he tells her. Donna reminds him that it's Sunday night, so Darby needs his answer. "Send her to London," Harvey says. Donna looks offers to talk about it, but Harvey just gets up, dons his suit jacket and tells her to have his driver Ray meet him downstairs.

Harvey shows up at the office of some other workaholic, who is apparently some basketball manager. Harvey's there to deliver a counteroffer on some hot basketball player named Darren Williams. The dude doesn't believe that Harvey has an offer from Mark Cuban, until Harvey reveals that Mark Cuban now hates the other manager for something from last May. And how does Harvey know Mark Cuban knows this? "Because I was there when I told him." Harvey gives the other manager until ten in the morning to triple the offer or he's calling Mark Cuban to make a deal.

Harvey arrives at his apartment to find Jessica already in there. Hoe wonders when he gave her a key, and she wonders why Harvey is still negotiating on behalf of someone who already signed a contract. "It's complicated," Harvey smugs. Jessica's temper is rising as Harvey says he's bluffing, and his demand was necessary to conceal the bluff. "Then don't bluff in the first place," Jessica says. "I'm afraid that's what I do," Harvey insists. Jessica accuses him of trying to blow this on purpose so Jessica will fire him. Harvey maintains that he's staying and he's always worked this way, and besides, he just got a message that the offer was accepted. "So unless you're looking to cook me breakfast tomorrow, I'd say we're done." This is probably not what Jessica meant when she said Harvey was going to have to learn his place.

Mike shows up at Rachel's apartment, even though she apparently asked him for some time and it's only been two days. It's pretty tense between them, particularly when Mike looks significantly at Rachel's bed and Rachel demands to know why he's here. He tells her about his nightmare, and adds that what really scares him is her not wanting to be with him. Rachel is still kind of wishing he'd never told her, but he says that the sex wouldn't have happened if he hadn't and they're both glad it did. Rachel asks what happens if he gets caught and Mike says there's nothing he can do about it. Rachel suggests that there is: "Quit." Yeah, that would do it.

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