The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences

The next morning, Mike shows up at the office in slow motion, phasing back and forth between reality and his dream of the previous night. Ooh, are the cops who just stepped off the elevator real or imaginary? Snapping back to the present, Mike sees Harvey talking to Donna and they both give him a look that signals that he's still very much on the outside. So at least that part of the dream isn't really happening.

Mike's next stop is Jessica's office, but she misreads what he wants to talk about and offers to take him somewhere more private, which would be his very own office with his name already on the door. Jessica's grateful for the way he came through. Mike is at a loss for words, even when Jessica suggests "Thank you." "The usual road to getting here doesn't usually involve stabbing someone in the back," Mike says. "Doesn't it?" she responds. She tells him a story about her parents' separation when she was sixteen, when she got a car out of the deal so she could help with her sister. "I hated that car. Every time I got into it, it just reminded me." But then the car took her to Harvard. Her point is that Mike can think of the office as a reminder or a symbol, and asks him what he wanted to talk to her about. That would now be nothing. On her way out, Mike asks if they ever got back together. That would be a no. Also, Jessica should probably not try to garner sympathy from Mike by talking about parents and cars.

Walking back to her office, Jessica pauses to enjoy the sight of workmen hanging a "Darby" next to the Pearson in the elevator lobby. Mike's dream lied about the firm's new name too, apparently.

Donna passes Louis's office just as he's having a conniption over a cheap plastic pen that broke and spattered ink on his shirt and tie. He vents to her about the firm's new quartermaster, an elusive figure named Barbara L. Tottingham, and how she's telling him to screw herself by not buying the firm any more of his favorite goodies, namely the raspberry bran bars or the Uniball pens. Donna listens patiently and then tricks Louis into smudging ink on his upper lip like a Hitler mustache, then has him add to the effect by asking him to show her some of his old rotator cuff exercises that make him look like he's performing a Nazi salute. Well, that was fun.

In the firm's library, Jessica finds Darby and thanks him for the sign, despite the agreement stating the name would be Darby Pearson. Darby says it's just a gesture. I would add that it also means the "Pearson" doesn't have to be move, but Darby is gracious enough about the gesture that Jessica asks how he would propose to a woman. "A woman? I think we both know that…" Darby begins, but Jessica agrees that they do. And now we don't. But we probably do. As they arrive at Jessica's office, Darby tells Jessica he's decided to let Harvey handle a big case involving the government going after an oil company CEO. Jessica smoothly points out that Harvey's acting out right now, but Darby says that's the kind of acting out he needs. And he indicates that the case is more important to him than money, though he doesn't say why. Jessica asks what happens if she says no. "I'm afraid that's not an option," Darby says. Yep, the sign was a gesture, all right.

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