The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences

Apparently so, because he goes down to approach the IT boss, Benjamin. That's the guy Mike conned a high-end laptop out of almost a year ago and he's been tracking Mike's computer moves ever since. At home as well apparently, which is so not cool. Mike tells him that Benjamin is now going to give him access to a hard drive, and in fact everything Mike wants for the rest of their lives, because he just recorded Benjamin admitting to tracking Mike's home computer. Nice move, Dude With No Dragon Tattoo.

Harvey is buried under files for the oil company case, so Donna suggests a shortcut. He refuses to ask Mike, but Donna's talking about someone else, given that the defendant started in London. "It's too late," Harvey says, but Donna hands him a ticket folder. Which she got where? I know Harvey's too classy to ever carry an inkjet-printed boarding pass like the rest of us, but I don't know why Donna took the time in this case.

Cut to Harvey catching up with Scottie at what is supposedly the airport. She's not that pleased to see him, even when he shows her the first-class ticket he bought to get through security, for a flight he's not even taking. "I prefer to not travel in style," he smarms. He asks for her help, reminding her that although he's sending her to London, he did save her job and now they work for the same company. Scottie decides that in exchange, he needs to tell her something. He does, starting with a story about the first time he saw her (two weeks before they actually met, which she didn't previously), and how he was impressed with the mind behind the face two weeks later. He says she means something to him and always has. She signals giving in by informing him, "You're such a dick." But she agrees to sit down with him to give him the goods on his client if he buys her a drink, and she'll be taking that plane ticket, too. Hasn't he gotten her put on enough planes already?

Louis is on the phone to his always-unseen assistant Norma bitching about her apparent inability to get his Uniballs, but when he arrives in a break room, he stops short on seeing a woman already in there. "Oh, it's you." He tells her to deliver the message to Norma, so that was a total fakeout. After kicking her out, he goes to the cabinet for his raspberry bran bar, all of which are gone. Except for one, held by Nigel, who waves it at him tauntingly. Nigel, it turns out, is Barbara L. Tottingham. As Louis should have realized, given that the initials BLT should have led Louis to the name of another sandwich -- the Monte Cristo -- as in the Count of Monte Cristo, a character Nigel has emulated by returning from the dead as quartermaster. I know, but it makes sense to them. Louis doesn't expect Nigel to tell him how he did it, because he wouldn't tell Nigel, but Nigel does tell Louis this: during his time "in the wilderness" ("It was three days," Louis sniffs), Nigel figured out Louis's favorite perks are, and he's not only cutting off the bran bar supply, he's banning them. And then he eats the last one in front of Louis.

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