The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences

Louis reports this to Donna, whose reaction to the sandwich story is like mine: "Oh, my God, I'm so hungry." She doesn't care about his bars and pens, but after alluding to a story from his ninth grade days in which Louis was apparently Larry Lester from The Breakfast Club, he remembers his own thirst for revenge on that occasion, which means that Nigel isn't going to stop here. "I gotta take care of Nigel once and for all," he says.

Harvey is in the office of the oil company executive, Eva Hessington. She seems to need some convincing as to why she should hire Harvey and he gives her the background she already knows, but we don't: a U.S. Attorney is after her for her decade of thumbing her nose at environmental regulations, but he's using a bribery charge to take her down. And since she's got a pretty shady record otherwise -- which Harvey knows plenty of details from thanks to Scottie -- it'll probably work. She runs down a few points of his own shady record, which he's fine with, saying it shows her what he'll do to win. She tells him that in order to win the pipeline, she made a bribe, like every other company with a pipeline "over there." She says that any executive does what needs to be done or goes out of business. "Good. We're done," Harvey says, getting up to leave, now that he knows what his next move is. "I haven't officially hired you yet," she reminds him. "Yes you have," he smirks.

Returning to the firm's building, Harvey finds Mike there waiting for him. Mike starts running down the list of stuff he found out about Harvey's client, but Harvey already got it all, though he claims to have learned it "from an associate I picked at random." Mike wants Harvey to keep bitching so he can forgive him, but Harvey just starts walking away, until Mike begs him to listen to him. Harvey says he would have listened to Mike "that night," and Jessica's threat shouldn't have forced Mike to do anything. "Anyone comes at you with any threat at all, you come to me. I don't give a shit if it's the Queen of England. You come to me. You tell me. You tell me everything! That's what goddamn loyalty is." He leaves Mike standing there so Mike can see Rachel heading through the revolving doors at a distance.

So he shows up at her apartment again, telling her she's right and he's going to tell her everything. "And when we're done, either we're going to be finished or we're going to go back there and do exactly what we should have done the other night." "Okay," she says. Well, that was easy.

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