The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences

The next morning, she seems to have been convinced, because they're in her bed looking fairly naked and bantering about, you know, the nakedness. Mike says it's great that she knows and she teases him until he has no choice but to go down on her. A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Darby enters his office to find Louis there grinning at him like a loon. They haven't officially met before now, but Darby knows exactly who he is, including the fact that Louis is in charge of the associates. Louis has also taken the trouble to learn a bit about Darby, having brought him some seriously high-end treats and a fancy pen with which to sign Louis's order making him quartermaster. Darby points out that they already have one. Louis insists, "I'm not just prepared for this position, I was born for it." Does supply manager really strike anyone as a gig for a senior partner?

Harvey and his client are in the office of the U.S. Attorney, Richard Jensen, arguing that a man in her position would be merely fined for what she did, rather than the prison sentence she's facing. The attorney corrects that she's not being charged for being a woman, but for getting caught. Harvey dismisses her and asks Richard how much the check needs to be for. He should probably phrase that more carefully given this is a bribery case. Richard shuts him down, insisting that he needs jail time, because he might be running for office. He's even immune to Harvey's reminders of their days together at the District Attorney's office. "What if I told you I need this one?" Harvey asks, but Richard isn't budging. "I'm not going to forget this," Harvey says. The attorney says if their bond can't survive his saying no, "It didn't mean much to begin with." Well, no, since all any bond means to Harvey is a way for him to get what he wants.

Rachel rushes up to Donna all atwitter that Richard Gere is supposedly in the lobby. As they race each other out the door, Mike sneaks into Harvey's office and drops a folder on his desk.

Late that night, Nigel delivers pens and bars to Louis in his office, congratulating him on becoming the new quartermaster. When Nigel asks him to reconsider, Louis is unrepentant and Nigel is surprised that Louis didn't read the bylaws: "At Darby International, one cannot be in charge of the animate and inanimate at the same time." That is of course patently ridiculous, but Louis realizes what this means. "Your beloved associates are mine," Nigel hisses. Louis realizes Nigel set him up, and picks up the phone. Nigel points out that Louis will look pretty silly begging Darby to undo what he begged him to do, so Louis tries begging Nigel instead. Nigel says he was bullied at school, just like Louis. "It was painful, but I always saw them coming. But with you, I didn't… and I just gave you the opportunity to take it back and you passed. So no, Quartermaster Litt, I won't forgive you." Louis should have known better. When he found out he'd unilaterally screwed Nigel he felt pretty bad, so he could have taken this chance to make it up to him. But he didn't, and now Nigel's got him by the Uniballs.

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