Unfinished Business

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Oil Is Thicker than Blood
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Let's start with some male gaze, shall we? Mike sits in the break room ogling Rachel as she and her little skirt try to reach some energy bars on the top shelf. They do the your place or mine thing, but of course Rachel's Tess flashbacks mean it's going to be hers for the foreseeable future. Mike settles in to enjoy a bar of his own, until Louis comes in and snatches it out of his mouth. He declares bran bars are off-limits to first-years, per the quartermaster, as of two seconds ago. Not that he's speaking to Mike, as he asks Rachel to ask Mike to pass the creamer. Mike has apparently been trying to apologize to Louis for not tying the professional knot with him, but Louis is. Not. Having it.

Nor is Louis's mood improved when he returns to his office to find Harvey waiting there, and preemptively rejects what he thinks is going to be Harvey's apology for snatching Mike back. But Harvey says he's giving Louis a case, and looks over at the box of files from the Hessington Oil thing. With the bribery charge dispensed with, now it's about fighting the takeover attempt, which Harvey says Louis can do better than he can. "Leave the box," Louis snaps, somewhat mollified at what, from Harvey, is an abject display of humility. Harvey pauses at the door and suggests a "rebound associate." Which launches an extended riff about having a fling versus finding a long-term relationship. Harvey assures Louis he'll find the right one eventually. Not unless the case gets bigger.

Rachel finds Donna at the copier in the file room, and makes a peace overture in the form of tentatively kicking off a little banter. Donna plays along, and Rachel apologizes to Donna for her angry comment last week about Donna not having a life. Donna accepts this, so they're good. Rachel asks if Mike is also out of the doghouse with Donna, which he is, only she hasn't told him that and thus has a super-fancy coffee to enjoy today. Rachel suggests telling him anyway.

Harvey and his ex-client Ava Hessington are sitting down to lunch together, since she hasn't returned to London due to the takeover attempt. Harvey tells her he's reassigned it to another attorney, assuring her that the new attorney is excellent. Ava's not bothered at all by Harvey's departure from the case, because she's decided he's going to come and work for her. She appreciates the way Harvey likes a knife fight, but he politely declines, saying he prefers to have more than one client. And in comes Cameron Dennis, of all people, saying his temporary gig as special prosecutor isn't quite over. He and Harvey posture at each other until Cameron tells Ava that she's under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder. Well, I don't think anyone saw that coming.

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