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Pearson Vs. Harvey
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We come right into the middle of an argument between Mike and Jessica. Mike is refusing to do something, saying Harvey will never forgive him. Jessica informs Mike that his problem is with her in a way that Mike can't help but interpret as a threat. Don't worry if you're feeling lost; this is probably just one of those tricky openings that drops us into a moment of crisis and them flashes back to the setup.

Yup, here we are. Cut to "Six Night's Earlier," as a tuxedo-clad Harvey enters a schmancy party. Jessica is also there, offering him champagne. Jessica's soon-to-be partner Edward Darby cuts in asking for a word with Jessica, and Harvey skates. Mike is also there, and when he runs into Rachel, he says she seems different. She wants a drink before getting into it. Harvey rolls up, and when Rachel tells him he looks nice, he smirks, "Thank you, so do I." Rachel moves on as Mike and Harvey agree on what a dick Harvey is, although Harvey didn't realize Rachel knew it. Clearly he underestimates Rachel. Harvey asks if Mike brought "it," and Mike pats the breast pocket of his tuxedo like a best man. After making sure Harvey wants to do whatever he's about to do, Mike hands over three separate documents and heads off to get a drink, "while this is still a party."

Meanwhile, Louis hits the bar and quickly runs afoul of a tall, skinny, jug-eared British goon who must be here with Darby's delegation. They insult each other for about five seconds but then it looks like they might find common ground in their shared history of cleansing mudbaths around the world. Except that also becomes a battle of one-upmanship. Meet Louis's new nemesis, Nigel Alexander Nesbitt. At least his middle name is cool.

Harvey finds a little one-on-one time with Edward Darby and hands him the three lawsuits, which turn out to be against some of Darby's clients, on behalf of some of Harvey's clients, for price-fixing. Darby quickly realizes this means Harvey knows about the planned merger (like the gala event wasn't already a giveaway), and politely tells Harvey that he's going to regret this permanently. By which he means he plans to beat Harvey in open court. But of course Harvey never goes to court, so he proposes a wager: if Darby loses, no merger. Harvey doesn't even need to hear Darby's terms, he's so confident in winning. They shake on it just as Jessica comes up, reading the moment at face value. Supposedly.

Outside, though, she's clearly up to speed. She doesn't have a good answer as to why she didn't tell Harvey about the merger, but she says that if he does lose to Darby, she's got terms of her own: "You win, you get what you want. You lose, you stay, you extend your non-compete, and you get a chance to earn your name on the door. Because it's not going up there now." Like it was before?

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