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Pearson Vs. Harvey

The next morning, Harvey comes out of his building to find Dana Scott waiting for him by his car. She tries to spar with him about who attacked whom, but he's in no mood. He angrily yells at her about all the attacks he's been fending off from other directions. "You want to get your name on the door? Get it at your own goddamn firm." Dana tells him not to hold it against her and Darby when they beat him, and Harvey says they won't, given her "O-and-everything" record against him. Except I thought they agreed that she won the plane-sex last week. At this point, prospects for a rematch seem dim.

At Pearson _______ or whatever it is now that Hardman's name has been taken off the door, Mike finds Rachel in her office so they can finish their conversation from last night. Rachel blurts the news about her not getting into Harvard, and there's not much Mike can say to that, not that he tries. Rachel adds that it was Louis's fault, but they agree that there's nothing they can do about it. She asks Mike to tell him about the day he found out he got in, which of course he can't because it never happened. "It's just not right," is all he tells her. Which is technically true.

Elsewhere in the office, Louis sees Nigel kissing Donna's hand, and angrily follows him to the elevator to ask what he's doing here. Nigel mildly explains that he was getting a tour "of your little outpost." He compliments the view but adds tauntingly that his favorite spot was Donna's cubicle. After he leaves, Louis goes right to Donna gets all worked up over her sacred space. Donna explains that Nigel just leaned in to get a file. "He's doing an efficiency list," she explains. Louis is relieved, until he remembers that he has the same assignment, which in itself is inefficient. So he and Donna realize almost at the same time that it's a secret competition to see which of them is better. Louis also has to admit that Nigel made him forget Cartagena and thus out-mudded him, so Donna pep-talks, "You are gonna get your shit together and you are gonna kick his Limey ass." Jeez, Donna, racist much?

Mike walks past Edward Darby, who is just standing next to Donna's cubicle like a shorter Nelson's Column. Darby explains that he's waiting to see Harvey, but can't go in until his secretary shows up to announce him. Harvey calls out from his office to asks what's going on, which is a little weird given that Harvey's office has glass walls like everyone else's. "Kind of hard to explain," Mike calls back. "Have you ever seen Downton Abbey?" Mike eventually takes it upon himself to announce Darby, who promises Mike he'll Netflix it. Seeing how rudely Harvey just dismissed Mike, Darby lectures Harvey a bit about the way he treats his underlings. So Harvey is equally rude to Darby about telling him to get to the point. Darby informs that he's freezing the assets of Harvey's clients tomorrow, using connections from one of Harvey's defendants to a bunch of banks. Harvey wonders why Darby is bothering to warn him about this, and Darby explains about foxhunting, and you don't shoot it in its den. "One sounds the horn and allows the poor creature a head start before giving chase." Harvey seems a bit startled to find out he's the fox. Normally that the sort of thing he would take as a compliment.

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