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Pearson Vs. Harvey

Louis runs into Nigel in the firm's men's room and challenges him to an efficiency-off on the spot. They've apparently already looked into each other, and Nigel learned that Louis graduated from Harvard like everyone else at the firm. Whereas everyone at his firm graduated from either Harvard or Cambridge. "Waters down the purity," Louis says. Nigel points out that he graduated from both. "That's inefficient," Louis says complacently. Eventually they turn on each other and boast about their own personal formulas that take into account variables like pet ownership and relationship to mother. Louis eventually backs down, pleading a deposition in a nonexistent conference room.

Rachel catches up with Mike in the hallway. She's got a letter that she's already written, up, complaining to Harvard about Sheila Zass and Louis and how it ended up leading to her rejection, except for how she only thinks that. All it needs is Mike's signature. Obviously he's not about to sign it, although he makes some legalistic, technical excuses about it being hearsay. "Are you going to help me or not?" Rachel demands. Mike says he will. Notice he didn't say he was going to sign it.

Louis finds Mike waiting in his office, which is a little weird . Mike explains that he knows about Louis and Sheila and Rachel and Harvard, and hands him the letter Rachel wrote, saying it can't come from Mike. Quickly scanning it, Louis says seriously, "Yeah, it can't come from anyone." He folds the letter and unhappily tells Mike that Harvard actually didn't think Rachel was good enough. Mike accuses Louis of lying to her, which is rich, and Louis refuses to tell Rachel the truth and upset her again. Mike says he'll give Louis a day, but after that he's telling Rachel himself. Mike Ross, Champion of Truth. He must have learned that in his Ethics classes at Harv-- oh, wait.

Harvey and Mike meet Darby at the firm later that evening. Darby explains he'll be leaving town to let his number two (Scotty) handle the case, and expects Harvey to do the same. That's the tradition, at least, and he doesn't force the matter. Mike's all over that, though. After some more Downton Abbey banter that Darby shuts down as a total spoilerphobe, Harvey uses an allegedly clever bit of theater to inform Darby that his clients are going to jail for freezing his client's assets. Mike hands over the paperwork, saying Darby's move is a violation of international law, but even with Mike's memorization of the thick book on the table between them, Darby cites an unwritten rule: "We can do what we like, as long as notice is given." That's a pretty broad rule. But the point is that now Harvey and Mike have opened their clients to a charge of malicious litigation, which is exactly what Darby was baiting them into doing. There's some more posturing, but Darby leaves with the advantage. At least until Mike hurls a Downton spoiler at his departing back. Hey, that hit me too!

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