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Pearson Vs. Harvey

Darby's next visit is to Jessica. He's cagey about what he's leaving town for, but Jessica already knows that he's meeting with other firms, and she busts him on it. Darby says their deal rested on Jessica controlling her people, and asks why she allowed the wager if she can. She says for the same reason he took it. Darby says Harvey won't respect him if he can't beat him. Jessica agrees that Harvey won't respect her either. "And he will eventually leave." "And he's too valuable an asset," Darby realizes. Everyone keeps saying that, but at some point Harvey's going to be more trouble than he's worth, not to mention Mike. She accuses Darby of being afraid to lose, which he denies, but says he didn't get where he is without taking precautions. Jessica tells him to go ahead, "But we are not losing this case."

Harvey stands at his office window, staring out into the night while one of his records spins on the turntable. Louis comes in to express his support for Harvey, which Harvey is skeptical about. Louis admits that Nigel seems to have him beat. "And if this guy out-finances me...I'm scared. Please tell me we're gonna win this thing." Harvey admits that their backs are against the wall. "What do you need?" Louis asks. Harvey says he needs to buy some time. Louis says Harvey told him what to do when that happens. "Break the goddamn thing down," Harvey remembers. "We got 'em," Louis says. Wait, what did I miss?

Harvey shows up at Mike's apartment, handing him the file Mike will use on Scotty the next morning. It turns out to be confidential information about the merger. Mike warns Harvey about breaking the Chinese wall with inadmissible material. "I'd rather cross my own line than sign their dotted one," Harvey insists. Mike agrees, "Then it looks like I have a date with your girlfriend in the morning."

At the firm the next morning, Harvey and Mike get off different elevators at the same time. Harvey spurns Mike's offer of a fist-bump and does a hero-walk through the office while the soundtrack plays a blues song about being the king around here. And then he finds Scotty waiting for him in his office. Meanwhile, Mike is surprised at whom he meets in the conference room. "You're not Scotty." "And you're not Jimmy Smits, but we make do," Jessica retorts. And then we start cutting back and forth as Jessica tells Mike, and Scotty tells Harvey that Darby's out of their league, their clients are running out of money, and they have a limited window in which to give up. Mike reluctantly shows Jessica the file, and Harvey tells Scotty about the deal he made with Jessica. "I win, you're out. I give up, you're gonna be name partner all by yourself." And then he suddenly realizes, "If you're here, who the hell's in with Mike?" Enter Jessica, who tells Scotty, "Get out." Scotty does. Jessica angrily tells Harvey that he not only broke the law, he cheated. And she accuses him of purposely flaunting the rules that Edward Darby plays by so that they won't want to merge with Pearson _______ even if Harvey loses. Harvey points out that they don't need this merger, given their strength from after beating Allison Holt, Robert Zane, and Daniel Hardman, and Jessica says that after the merger, they'll be untouchable. She looks a little drunk with the power already, to tell you the truth. Harvey asks what happens when he beats Darby, which Jessica says he won't, since she'll have that decision reversed by Friday. Harvey thinks that's enough time to find something, unlike Jessica, and he threatens, "I can go." Jessica asks him where. "Even if I let you out, it's the same out there, only worse. And you'll be a winner, not a leader, and you won't have me." Harvey warns Jessica that she doesn't know these people, but Jessica knows that one of them accused her of not being able to control Harvey. "You're going to learn that I can." I think that's something we'd all be interested to learn.

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