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Pearson Vs. Harvey

Harvey comes into his office to find Donna siting in there, waiting in ambush. She takes him to task for being against the merger because of Scotty, which she tells him is stupid because she was willing to throw away the merger to help him. Harvey still doesn't trust it, so Donna obviouses that Scotty's in love with him, "only she can't tell you that because she like everyone else, knows that it will only drive you away." Donna asks if Harvey would have said yes of Scotty had shown up asking to be his girlfriend, and even brings up Zoe, who she accuses Harvey of letting go of too easily. Harvey asks if this is about Zoe -- or indeed Donna -- and tells her, "You don't know what [Scotty] did." Donna does, admitting that she realizes Scotty cheated on her fiancé, which she knows makes Harvey think she's do the same to him. Donna says the difference is that Scotty loves him, not her fiancé. But Harvey is looking at this through the prism of his own mother's infidelity, and how Scotty made him a guy who did to someone else what someone else did to Harvey's father. Donna admits that maybe he can't trust her, but if he wants to stop the merger, he needs to trust what she gave Mike. As she gets up to leave, Harvey grunts, "Give him the file." "What do you think I did four hours ago?" She asks. Harvey's always a step ahead of everyone, but Donna's always a step ahead of Harvey.

Mike shows up at Jessica's office, and she's a little prickly about how she sent for him two hours ago. She wants to know what he was working on, and Mike says he can't say, since she's on the other side of the case. "Is there some rule against my checking on my own employee?" she asks with a dangerous smile. Mike says Darby and Jessica will either settle or lose after tomorrow, based on a file he has that's dated September 14, which Darby doesn't know about. Jessica asks where it came from and what it says. "It says you're gonna lose," is all Mike will say. I don't know what this McGuffin document is, and we're never going to find out, because Jessica instructs Mike to throw it away. "You're going to go home. You don't call, you don't answer, and you don't come back, until that deadline is passed." We've caught up to the beginning of the episode, and after he refuses, Jessica says, "You don't do this, who's to say you don't end up in a cell for practicing law without a degree?" There it is. After a pause, Mike asks, "And who's to say you don't share that cell with me for knowing about it the whole time?" Rather than saying she only knew for 16 of 26 episodes, Jessica vows to beat him, and Mike reminds her what happened the last time she said that. She says that this is about her power, because she's turning into the Emperor, and shows him the letter she's already written to the DA outing him. "You file your motion, I'll file mine." The irony is that this has always been my biggest problem with Jessica's decision to keep Mike on at the firm; his fraud leaves him wide open to blackmail. I guess it never occurred to me that she'd be the one doing the blackmailing.

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