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Pearson Vs. Harvey

We cut to Mike in the men's room the next day, and apparently the deadline has already passed, because Harvey angrily comes in and yells at Mike about all the times he risked everything for him. Mike says he was trying to get Harvey's name on the door, and Harvey says that'll be Darby's name instead, because his part of the deal is gone. Mike says Harvey never told him that, which Harvey didn't think he had to, "Because I didn't think you would ever betray me." Mike points out, rather beside the point, that they both committed ethical violations over this case, and Harvey says it doesn't matter because Mike doesn't get to make Harvey's decisions. Jessica comes in (between her and Rachel, the big M on the door is apparently just a suggestion), saying Harvey was doing the same thing to her. "This is a private conversation," Harvey snaps at her, but Jessica invites Harvey to have it out with her right now. "You might want to go," she tells Mike, not unkindly. On his way out, Harvey tells Mike he's going back to the associates' pool. "Turns out you're not the best lawyer I've ever seen. In fact, you're fired." Jessica says he's not, and over Harvey's objections, tells Mike he can go. Which he does. Jessica tells Harvey she beat him fair and square, which he contradicts, and then she admits she cheated, just like he did. They argue over whose fault it was that she ended up on the other side. Jessica says she had a deal to get Harvey's name next to hers, and he acted like it was over hers. "To protect you," Harvey says, which Jessica correctly calls bullshit. Harvey tells her about what Hardman said, which he didn't believe at the time: that she doesn't trust him. "He meant you're afraid of me." Jessica says she kicked his ass, so now he's going to "stay here, be humble, and learn your goddamn place." She leaves him to regard himself in the mirror. No wonder he doesn't like to lose; it makes him look weird.

Mike goes and takes refuge in the file room. When Harvey finally emerges from the men's room, he looks defeated, and his return to his office is the opposite of a hero-walk. No songs about being the king around here this time. Scotty shows up, and they pause to make eye contact through the glass walls. Harvey just catches her as she's getting into the elevator. "You could have just told me that you didn't love me instead of selling me out," she says. Harvey says it wasn't him, which doesn't help, because Darby found out what she gave Mike (which we still haven't) and fired her. "Goodbye, Harvey," she says as the elevator doors close. He returns to the offices just in time to see Darby shaking hands with some of his coworkers.

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