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Pearson Vs. Harvey

Meanwhile, Louis is telling Donna all about his talk with Nigel the night before, and how they agreed to leave each other off the list. Donna's impressed, and then Louis says he broke his word and put Nigel on his list after all, then handed it in. He knew he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he messed with his list, which means Nigel wouldn't either. Donna is horrified, telling Louis that he actually wasn't on Nigel's list. After swallowing a wave of nausea as he realizes it's too late to fix what he did to Nigel, Louis decides he needs to do something else...for Rachel.

Harvey, keeping his word, goes into the conference room to welcome Edward Darby to the firm. They shake on it, and Harvey adds, "Jessica was wrong. Scotty didn't give me anything. I took it." Darby realizes that Harvey's lying for her. Harvey admits it, and asks Darby to give her her job back. "Whatever she did, you wouldn't have this merger without her." Darby asks Harvey if he wants Scotty to work here or in London. He's being awfully accommodating to someone he just beat. Quite sporting, really.

Rachel comes into the file room, where Mike still is, and locks the door. She confronts him on never having sent the letter. Mike starts to explain about what happened when he went to see Louis. Rachel is still mad at Mike for not telling her himself about the real reason Harvard rejected her, and Mike lets slip that he asked Louis to sign the letter. Rachel wonders why he went to Louis instead of signing it himself, and accuses him of lying to her. Mike begs her, "not today," and she keeps yelling about how it's always some secret or story or lie. Mike finally snaps and yells at her about how she doesn't understand what he's lost. "Because it's everything, everyone that I love! Trevor! My grandmother. Harvey, now probably this job. I am not ready to lose you! Not today!" "Then tell me," she insists. Mike opens his mouth, freezes for a few seconds, and finally says, "I never went to Harvard. I'm a fraud." This has to be a total paradigm shift for Rachel, who all this time though Mike had earned something she's always wanted so badly. She even made a snotty comment about his impressive degree the very first time they met. They worked together, they became friends, they went on a date, they've been through all this drama together, and now she finds out he's not even who she thinks he is. Understandably, she doesn't take it well. She smacks him across the face twice, and goes for a third, but he grabs her wrist to stop her. She starts to storm out, but he grabs it again to stop her from leaving. And then they end up kissing, and undressing each other, and having sex right there in the file room, up against the stacks. Yowza, this is pretty racy for USA. I think I'm going to tell my wife that I never went to Harvard, either.

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