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Father Figurehead
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Harvey and Mike are wasting their crazy-expensive billable hours shooting paper into Harvey's trash can when Jessica puts a stop to it and sends Mike on his way. She informs Harvey that someone named Derek Portis died. Harvey's not exactly broken up over it, but Jessica says they now have an issue with a $10 million settlement that Derek Portis brokered with Folsom Foods. More specifically, with Derek's replacement as Pearson Hardman's opposing counsel.

Cut to Rachel being taken out to lunch by her father for her birthday. He's being played by Wendell Pierce from The Wire, so if you've been trying to puzzle out Rachel's ethnic ambiguity it looks like one of the variables has been locked down. He tells her that he's the one who's taking on the case against Pearson Hardman, in case she wants to sit it out. It also seems that there's a little tension between the two of them. Daddy Zane's a little hurt that Rachel doesn't make a thing of who her dad is. "People treat me differently once they find out," she explains. He asks if she's worried they'll judge her for being a paralegal, and she assures him that only he does that. Well, and Rachel herself. But she informs him that she won't be a paralegal forever, although she doesn't mention her last LSAT score. And he's a condescending jerk to her, saying that if it were going to happen for her, it probably would have by now. "Of all days," Rachel says, stung, and gets up to leave.

Katrina Bennett, the assistant DA Harvey had hired at the firm at the beginning of this half-season, arrives at her new office at Pearson Hardman. Her door even has her name on it over the words "Senior Associate" and everything. Only Louis is sitting in her chair, trimming his nails over her desk and being all gross about his responsibility over all first- and second-year associates. As if it's not already gross enough that he's getting his finger-scraps all over her workspace and bragging about his gold cuticle-sculptors from Denmark. She points out that she's a fifth-year, and he's trimming her nails at her desk. Louis unrepentantly leans into her computer, which he easily hacked into ("who you gonna tell?" he mocks when she protests this shocking invasion of her privacy), and says of her planned defense on her current case, "Wow, it's like you're a baboon." He announces that he's going to have to supervise, and she can either like it or go back to the DA. "Welcome to Pearson Hardman," he says.

Rachel goes to Mike and asks if he's got a minute, which he does when he finds out it's about work rather than the two of them. She basically demands to be assigned to the Folsom Foods case, telling him that her dad is the new opposing counsel. "Your dad is Robert Zane?" Mike says in shock. Rachel asks, "It is so hard to believe that my father's black?" Mike, in equal shock: "Robert Zane is black?" Rachel says that's not a year-round tan she's rocking. Mike asks if they should be working together, and she hisses, "Are you really asking me what is or isn't a good idea?" in a way that makes Mike say, "Look out, Robert Zane."

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