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Father Figurehead

Harvey, Mike, and Rachel's dad sit down in Harvey's office for a little conference. Harvey and Mike have the settlement all ready for Zane to sign, but he wants to renegotiate. He offers two million instead of the ten they agreed on with his predecessor, and when Harvey turns him down, offers to re-depose the plaintiff in the case to scare her into taking the smaller amount. Even Harvey thinks that's cruel. When Robert leaves, Harvey mocks Mike for the deferential attitude he showed, and mocks, "Why don't you just call him dad and get it over with?" He busts Mike for wanting to get invited to Thanksgiving at the Zanes', having already noticed that Rachel's on the case now, and threatens, "This better not end up with you in bed with her telling you her secret." Mike shrugs that they'll do it on the couch. "Wow," he realizes, "that was not respectful to you, me, or her." "Or her father," Harvey adds. "Or your couch," Mike adds. Advantage: Ross.

Donna steps off the elevator, looking uncharacteristically harried. Katrina intercepts her (of course Donna already knows who she is, because Donna knows everything always) and offers her a bribe in the form of the exact specific kind of homemade cookies Donna loves. Katrina got the tip from Bertha in the DA's office, and now that she has Donna's attention for a minute, she asks who the hell Louis Litt is. "This might take more than a minute," Donna admits.

Robert Zane visits Jessica in her office to talk, "One name partner to another." He asks Jessica to settle Folsom Foods. They engage in some shared mocking of Harvey's hair, and Zane says he's offering two million, because Jessica needs a win given the current situation at her firm. "A win's a win. Doesn't matter how ugly," he tells her.

When Jessica runs into Harvey in the hallway later, she tells Harvey that Zane thinks they're weak and tried to leverage the settlement down. Harvey says that's below the belt, and Jessica says he knows what that calls for. "Cut him off at the knees," Harvey says. So they're clear, then? Because I'm not.

Katrina finds Louis in the firm's kitchen, loudly operating a juicer and making her wait forever until it fully cycles down. She apologizes for her "misunderstanding" earlier, and says that she looked into him and, now that she knows he's a white-collar genius, she wants his help." She asks him for some tips on how to deal with a certain judge, and he readily gives her some. Moreover, when she asks him to sign on as first chair, he agrees. Katrina is highly grateful, and Louis is happy to have won. Well, that was resolved quickly.

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