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Father Figurehead

Rachel has been summoned to Harvey's office. He high-handedly tells her that people usually tell Donna they're there, and Donna tells him. Rachel points out, accurately, that Donna's not there. "You think that's by accident?" Harvey says. Dance, Rachel! She figures out that Donna's gone because Harvey's going to ask Rachel to do something Donna would advise her against, namely helping with the re-deposition of their plaintiff in the case against Rachel's dad. "You did ask to be on the case," Harvey reminds her. Rachel assures him she's tough enough, but his real question is whether she thinks it would rattle his father. She doesn't think he'd care. "Good," Harvey chirps, arousing Rachel's curiosity. Harvey explains, "If that's what you think about him, then your relationship is worse than you think. And he cares about you more than you know." Okay, meeting over.

The next day, Harvey walks Zane to the Pearson Hardman conference room. When he sees his daughter in there, he asks what Harvey's trying to pull. "The question is," Harvey shoots back, "what's she going to think of you after you eviscerate Sloane Moseley?" Harvey offers to call it off if Zane goes back to the original deal, but Robert heads into the room. Money talks, his relationship with his daughter walks. Mike appears at Harvey's elbow, judgmentally asking Harvey what he did. "My job," Harvey says, following Zane in. And Harvey sure hates his job.

We come back from the ads with the deposition already in progress. Zane is on one side of the table, facing Rachel, Mike, the plaintiff Sloane Moseley, and Harvey. Oh, and a stenographer. Zane is rather a dick to Sloane, accusing her of giving up on her job and blaming her own incompetence for all the promotions she got passed over for. "You're untalented, and pathetic, and blaming other people because you don't have the skills or the fortitude to make it in your chosen field. And you don't even have the courage to try something else." Wow. Rachel is clearly taking this personally, and Mike calls a halt.

In the men's room, Rachel ignores all societal norms to storm up to Mike and snap, "Don't do that shit again." She accuses him of embarrassing her by being protective, but he maintains he was only worried about the client. Whom he accuses Rachel of having forgotten about. Accurately, if you ask me.

Louis comes storming into Katrina's office, angry at her over getting fined for missing his own hearing. Which was clearly what she set him up for. Katrina unrepentantly mocks him, and Louis says she doesn't want this fight, plus she's going to pay the fine and write an apology to the judge in question. She refuses. "You lied to me and you know it,' he hisses. "Who are you gonna tell?" She hisses back. If only anybody were in charge of this firm.

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