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Father Figurehead

Mike goes to Harvey to try to lecture him on making it personal, the way Mike always does. Harvey basically says Robert Zane started it, and Mike does what he did to Rachel, reminding Harvey that the client is what matters. But he makes the mistake of mentioning Rachel, playing right into Harvey's hands. But before Harvey can get into that, Jessica angrily intercepts both of them, mad at Harvey for failing to take Robert Zane out at the knees. Harvey wonders if she also thinks he went too far, but Jessica says he didn't go far enough; the plaintiff "wants to take Zane's bullshit settlement."

Harvey goes and finds Zane at the golf course. Zane quickly figures out what's up, and now that the client has caved, he tells Harvey that the offer is now one million, then 500K. Harvey tells Robert to use these slick negotiating skills to help him buy his next car for him, and Robert says it's now one hundred thousand, then offers Harvey a crumpled bill from his pocket. "No one wins if we go to war," Harvey warns. After all, there's no way to cover an actual trial in the space of one episode. Robert's pissed at Harvey for making Rachel watch him "shred that woman, which I did, because that's my job." Harvey says it's his, Harvey's, job to protect that woman. Robert says he clearly did his job better than Harvey. "You want something? Come take it at trial."

At a food stand, Rachel desperately offers to give Harvey whatever he needs on her father. "I don't think we need to steal your father's identity just yet," he says coolly. Rachel doesn't want to let the settlement go away, but she insists to Harvey that it's about the client rather than her and her dad. Harvey says he gets why Donna likes her so much, then mockingly adds, "I was gonna give in and drop this case, but now that you accosted me during my me time, I'm gonna change my mind and do what you said." Rachel realizes that's what he was going to do anyway, and he mockingly offers to let her eat his bagel. Which she actually grabs before realizing he was still mocking her.

Louis arrives in court during Katrina's hearing, ostensibly to apologize and give her her files back. The judge enters as Katrina tells Louis she's onto him and isn't going to fall for his switcheroo. But when she opens the file she brought with her, she discovers that he already switched them. Instead, she's got a collection of Louis's face Photoshopped into portraits of various U.S. presidents. The prop department really outdid itself here; the Teddy Loouisevelt is particularly nice. Katrina grabs for the file Louis brought in (clearly she should not have chosen the goblet in front her her), but Louis walks out with it. And the judge demands Katrina bring up the folder she has with her. "And if they are not legitimate court documents, you are in for one hell of a fine."

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