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Robert Zane returns to his office to find Rachel there waiting for him, contemplating a photo of herself as a child sitting on his desk. She wants to talk about the deposition, because "You took me out for my birthday and told me you were picking a fight with my family and said 'sit it out, little girl, you can't handle this.'" Because that's all completely true, Robert changes the subject to the picture on his desk, from Rachel's tryout for the school play. Turns out she didn't get the part, and she took it so hard she never tried out for anything again. Rachel says she did other things, and he asks why she's not doing other things now. "I am watching you fail and stall and beat yourself up. And it rips me up inside." Wow, harsh. Rachel spits at him that she got a 172 on the LSATs, six weeks ago. "And you're just telling me now?" he asks. She says she didn't want to hear a joke about his 177. Then she brings it back to the subject of the deposition, as she accuses Robert of talking to Rachel when he was reaming Sloane. "Maybe you look at all of us that way. Well, we are not all the same. And you need to toughen up, because I am not that little girl any more."

Katrina visits Louis in his holding cell, asking, "So who's gonna kneel before Zod now?" She and Donna are clearly way too close already. Louis is unrepentant, and they spend some time accusing each other of crossing the line until Katrina throws down some files of criminals who are spending their lives in jail after realizing she wasn't just a pretty face. "Is that what you think this is about?" Louis asks. "How dare you? I worship women. My mother. My grandmother, God rest her soul. Hillary Clinton. Gwen Stefani." Jessica's rather conspicuous in her absence from that list, but I guess Louis is still a little pissy. Katrina asks what his actual problem is, and Louis says, "You took a job from someone who deserved it more." Katrina says she went to resubmit her motion, but it was already in...courtesy of Louis, who left her name on it. Katrina asks if they can call a truce. Louis asks, "You gonna frame me for murder if I say no?" Katrina brandishes the confiscated nail scissors through the bars and says, "Not if you keep these in your own office."

Jessica encounters Robert Zane at the courthouse and he hands her a folder. "You're going to decertify our class?" Jessica says after glancing at it. I don't know what that means and it's not like two name partners have to explain it to each other, but over the course of their conversation I'll eventually figure out that he's planning to get the class action suit thrown out, forcing Pearson Hardman to fight each individual case, more than half of which are likely to get thrown out. He says that Rachel reminded him that "not all women are the same." Nice one, Rachel. So Jessica realizes he's threatening her again, but he prepares to offer her another option, saying, "I told you, not all women are the same."

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