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Father Figurehead

Cut to Harvey laughing at Jessica's telling him this story in her office, until Jessica tells him Zane's other offer: merging to form Pearson Zane. "No way, I'm not doing that," Harvey says flatly. Jessica blames Harvey for bringing Rachel into it in the first place, saying, "If you're going to go that low to bring someone down you make damn sure they don't get back up." Harvey says Allison Holt was right about one thing: their enemies will keep coming. "We can only take these hits for so long." "Death by a thousand cuts," Jessica says, and figures they may as well make a brawl of it.

So the next day, Jessica meets Zane on the street and hands him a press release about the female-headed law form that's going to fight 45 cases of gender discrimination. "This is bullshit," Zane chuckles condescendingly, but Jessica is not playing. "I would rather lose my firm than get married staring down the barrel of a shotgun." He warns her that Rachel won't be in every deposition for 45 cases. Which she says will cost him 45 times what he can settle for now. He gets patronizing, calling her the chess master, but she corrects him and says it's dominoes. Did this just become a black thing? No, she's saying that she'll have to fight hard to win the first one, but after that the rest will topple. That's...not how you play dominoes, Jessica.

Louis walks into his office mumbling notes to Norma into his beloved Dictaphone, not noticing until he's inside the room that blow-ups of his mug shot are pasted on every window, every wall, and every picture frame in sight. He yells at Norma via the Dictaphone for letting people into his office, and ends, "Remind me to buy socks for next week, I'm running low." As he signs off, Donna comes in, and we see that the captions have been augmented with honorifics like "SENIOR ASSHOLE," "NORMA'S BITCH," "ARRESETED FOR BEING A DICK," and the like. Really, the prop department had a heyday. I can just hear them telling their friends, "Yeah, it's USA, but this week was actually a lot of fun." Louis angrily demands of Donna whether Katrina was behind this, in clear violation of their truce. Donna says it wasn't Katrina, or herself either. But when Louis asks if it was Harvey, she just gives the tiniest nod. "Does this mean that you and I are good?" Louis asks excitedly. Donna tells him not yet. Louis stands up, ripping his suit pants on whatever sticky thing somebody put in his chair. The good news is that he's taken up wearing underwear since season one. Silky purple ones, but they're better than nothing. "We're back!" he exults. "No we're not," Donna calls from the hallway.

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