And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Bradin walks down to the beach with his surfboard. He spots Erica the surfing instructor crying on the beach. He politely walks away. She stands up and spots him, and calls him a stud, because she is apparently physically incapable of calling anyone by his or her given name. Bradin follows Erica down to the ocean. They surf. Erica cheers Bradin on as he stands up on his board for a few moments. I think that if they want to position Bradin as the new teen pin-up boy, he shouldn't be wearing a full-body wetsuit. Can't he show some forearm or something? Erica gives Bradin a congratulatory hug and asks if he's been practicing. Bradin admits that he has, and then says that he has a cramp. On first viewing, I thought he was going to drown or something because of his cramp, but since that doesn't happen, I wonder if we were supposed to think he was trying to hide an erection or something. Weird. Erica calls Bradin "man of steel," and that is really getting on my nerves. They surf some more. Bradin wipes out a lot, and Erica laughs. She shows Bradin how it's done, and they joke around. Later, they lie on the beach, and Erica gives Bradin some tips. Bradin says he used to ski with his friends in Colorado every year. How did his poor farming family afford that? Bradin says he likes surfing better, and then he pauses for like ten minutes, and then says that you get to wear less clothes. Says the dude wearing the full-body wetsuit. Bradin says that Beck is playing a concert, and there are still tickets left. Erica noncommittally says that's cool, and then they just stare at each other, not speaking.

Derrick and his creepy friend walk on the beach and discuss how Derrick's suicide plans didn't work out. Creepy Friend advises Derrick to make like a Little Rock Creek Indian. It seems that they would lie on a rock in the middle of the ocean and wait to be swept out to sea. Did someone buy this kid Indian Death Rituals for Christmas? Derrick asks if there is a rock near there. No, there are no rocks in California. Seriously, this is one stupid kid. Creepy Friend -- who has clearly been spending too much time with Jay -- answers, "A wise man speaks but once." Derrick rushes off to find a wise man.

Erica and Bradin walk though a cave and discuss surfing. Erica suddenly pauses and says that she hates the area, because it's haunted. Bradin grabs her arm and asks who the guy was. Erica won't tell him, and says that Bradin is nothing like that guy. She tells Bradin that he shouldn't ever take a girl to Spanish Cove, do her, and then dump her. Well, she uses a lot more words than that, but that's basically the gist. Bradin promises that he won't be that kind of guy. Then, they stare at each other for a few minutes, before Erica breaks it off by asking if he was serious about the Beck concert. They make plans to meet at a restaurant beforehand to watch beach volleyball. Erica takes off running, and Bradin chases her. He has a totally weird run where he kicks himself in the ass. It's bizarre.

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