And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Susannah arrives back at the house and drops her bags. Ava hurries over and asks how the presentation went. Susannah says that she might be allergic to jet fumes, because she started wheezing. Ava wants to know about the meeting, so Susannah says that it lasted less than five minutes, because the woman was insulted that Ava didn't show up in person. Susannah sighs and tells Ava that she can't let a thirteen-year-old girl "be emperor of the world." Nikki listens in from upstairs, and then runs off. Susannah admits that her own mother treated her like a queen, "and everyone around [Susannah] pays for it every single day." Ava points out that Nikki just lost both her parents. Jay walks through and says that if Nikki lets Ava in, it means letting her mother out. Susannah thinks Nikki's attitude is a burden. Jay says that Nikki chose that burden, and that she'll let it go when she's ready. Susannah calls him "all-Zen all-the-time radio," and then yells that she quit a good job out of solidarity with Ava. Susannah accuses Ava of putting "a very big dent in the front bumper of [Susannah's] career." Who comes up with metaphors like that on the fly? Maybe Susannah came up with that one on the drive home.

Susannah, Johnny, and Jay convene to discuss how to solve a problem like Ava. Jay clunkily expositions that Johnny has known her "the second-longest." Johnny makes excuses for Ava, since they're not in a normal situation. Jay says that they don't have to agree with what Ava is doing to be her friend. Ava walks in, and the roommates run downstairs to talk to her. Ava dumps a couple of bags full of first aid supplies on the table. Jay gingerly brings up "the Nikki situation." Before they can talk, Derrick wanders in. Seriously, does anyone keep tabs on that kid? Ava had to miss her big meeting to stay home with him, and yet he was clearly off wandering around outside a minute ago. Anyway, Derrick asks what happens when you die, and what it feels like. Ava, concerned, reminds him that the doctor said that his parents didn't suffer. Don't doctors always say that? I would think drowning would be a particularly horrible way to die, but that's probably my issue. Derrick wants to know what it's like when you're on your way to heaven. Johnny says that no one has come back to tell us. Jay goes into near-death experiences, and describes how you see a welcoming light and all that. Basically, in his efforts to assure Derrick that his parents had a great experience when they died, Jay makes it sound like death is awesome. Derrick is reassured, and tells Ava that he loves her. Ava looks relieved, like Jay said exactly the right thing. Derrick says, with great finality, "Goodbye, you guys." Ava gives him a big hug and sends him off to kill himself. Jay brings up the whole Nikki issue again, but Ava blows him off because she has to do some work. Johnny agrees to watch Derrick.

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