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Big Waves

You know how actual good shows get product placement from high-end companies? This show gets product placement from K-Mart and Hyundai. I'm just saying. Cricket is still at the surf shop, bugging Jay about his disappearance from the surfing life. Erica says that she's been competing a bit, but mostly teaching, and she refers to Bradin as "one of [her] punks." I wish she had said Bradin was her bitch. Because he totally is. Cricket tries to convince Jay to attend a competition up north, but he snaps at her, so she relents. Erica leaves to put Cricket's poster in the window, and Cricket says she's happy to see that Jay isn't actually in a monastery before she leaves. Everyone stares at each other for ten minutes, and then Jay says, "I thought this place was ghost-proof." Yes, because if you want to avoid your former surfing buddies from California, the best way to hide is to open a surf shop in California. They'll never come in there!

Ava stumbles downstairs and demands black coffee from Susannah, even though in her previous scene, we saw Ava get Johnny to pour milk in her coffee. I'm just saying that if I can catch these continuity errors, someone in production should as well. Ava talks about how great they thought it would be when they quit their jobs. Nikki and Derrick run into the house, and we hear many things breaking and falling down. Ava thinks the problem is just too many people in a small space, but Susannah wants more rules and structure for the kids. Ava thinks the summer is for fun. Ava cringes as the kids knock more things over, and agrees to do something, as long as there are no charts involved.

Ava leads the kids out to the garage. Just how big is this house, anyway? They keep adding new rooms. Nikki thinks it's gross, and Derrick points out that none of the junk is theirs. Ava tries to put a sunny face on the whole thing and says that if they fix up the garage, they'll have more room for the kids' things. She entices the kids with visions of shelves and cubbyholes. Yeah, what kid doesn't love a great set of shelves? Nikki complains that they won't know what to toss, and Ava Clean Sweeps that they will make three piles: one for tossing, one for donating, and one for keeping. Ava puts on a pirate hat to convince the kids it'll be fun. I'm guessing that was a prop left over from Full House. I think I remember the episode where Uncle Joey dressed up as a pirate.

Rachel the Photographer shows up at the house, and Johnny tries to avoid answering the door. Ava yells at him, and Johnny realizes he's busted. He opens the door to find Rachel, who apparently looks a lot hotter than she used to, because Johnny is flabbergasted. Rachel takes a call on her cell as Johnny gazes at her. Rachel hangs up, and clearly wants nothing to do with Johnny. If they wanted us to think Johnny was blown away by her hotness, they should have hired a hotter actress, or at least made it out like she was kind of a mess before. Because the first time I watched that scene, I totally didn't get what Johnny's problem was.

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