Big Waves

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Big Waves

Susannah and Derrick start cleaning out the garage. Shouldn't Susannah be at the photo shoot? Susannah reminisces about events where she wore various pairs of shoes, while Derrick reminisces about checkers games of yore. They realize that they have to toss something, and look around for a viable candidate.

Johnny finds Rachel watching Jealousy Boy cavort with the female models in the hot tub. He asks why she didn't join in, and adds that he bets she looks great in nothing. Which he's seen, so he would know. Rachel walks away and starts looking at slides from the shoot, which are somehow already developed. Johnny wants to talk about Rachel's hot career, but she's not interested. Jealousy Boy walks in wearing a towel and returns some swim trunks. Johnny is all jealous because Ava loaned Jealousy Boy his swim trunks, which is kind of presumptuous on Ava's part. Jealousy Boy tells Johnny that there are girls in the shower together, and Johnny perks up. Rachel and Jealousy Boy start flirting, and Johnny looks on, jealously.

Back at the surf competition, Jay, Sun, and the Giant Samoan are drinking beers and telling stories. Erica walks up and accuses them all of telling lies. The Giant Samoan makes some reference to Erica's mom, and from casting news I've seen, that will pay off in a few episodes. Jay wonders how Erica knew where he was, and Erica lies that when he vanished, she figured that's where he was. Jay says that he plans to have a few more beers, and then leave. How does he plan to get home? Erica thinks she'll stay until tomorrow, and leaves to set up camp. Sun asks Jay, "So, it's you and Hot Stuff again, eh?" First of all, is he Canadian? And second of all, if Jay and Erica dated before, wouldn't that be illegal due to her age? Jay asks why he's there. Sun says that he's in a surfing slump, and that this could be his last run, so he wants to go out in style. Jay says he's not going to sign up for the competition and make a fool out of himself. Sun just wants Jay to paddle out and bless the water to give them "that old Reef Breaker mojo." Jay will only promise to "see what tomorrow brings." Then they both do this little dance and sing "And the rest is up to you" and I suddenly wish there were a way to embed a video clip into this recap because it was the lamest thing I've ever seen and I can't adequately describe it for you. But if you watch one of the eight million showings of this episode, it's at about the twenty-seven minute mark.

That night, Nikki and Derrick watch television together. Ava bursts into the house, complaining about some fabric vendor. She spots the kids relaxing, and teases Susannah about cracking the whip. Susannah says that they cleaned the entire top floor and the garage. Ava notices that Susannah is looking at the photos from the shoot, and promises to look at them after she finds some stuff upstairs. Nikki and Derrick start fighting about what show to watch, and Susannah breaks it up. Nikki protests that she promised to tell Goofy about some show, and Derrick points out that Goofy hasn't even called. Ava runs downstairs and asks what happened to her mother's costume jewelry, which she planned to use for tomorrow's photo shoot. Susannah realizes that it was in the garage, and thus was tossed.

Bradin goes surfing with Cricket and her boy toy, but this is all a ruse so that we can learn Erica's backstory, as filled in by Cricket. Apparently, Erica's father was the original Hot Stuff, but he had a surfing accident when Erica was a kid, went into a coma, and never came out of it. Cricket adds that it was really tough on Erica's mom, and that Erica seems to have her dad's gift for surfing. Thanks for the setup for a future episode, surf punks!

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