Big Waves

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Big Waves

Johnny walks into the house and finds Rachel packing up her things. What in the hell time do these people eat breakfast that they have had time to eat, clean up, and start packing before heading up to the competition already? Johnny invites Rachel out for a drink sometime. Rachel isn't sure. Johnny apologizes for not calling after their hookup. Rachel says that she used to have a crush on Johnny, but that she was humiliated when he didn't call her. Because women never have random hookups without falling in love with the guy, unless they are sluts, whereas guys can hook up without any emotions involved. Johnny won't take no for an answer, and asks Rachel to think about his offer. Rachel agrees to think about it, and gives Johnny her number. They stare at each other for eight more minutes, and then Rachel leaves.

Johnny calls everyone downstairs to hit the road, but before they can get going, Erica, Bradin, and Jay walk into the house. Ava asks what happened, and Jay says it was a long story. Derrick asks if this means that they aren't going to the surf competition, and Johnny says yes. Nikki takes off to organize her CDs, but Ava protests that they are going to have fun on the beach if it kills them! Erica and Jay snuggle on the couch. The phone rings, and Johnny answers. It's Goofy, so Johnny takes off to give Nikki the phone. She answers all giddily, and pushes down her resentment towards him for not calling, which is sure to surface later in their relationship. Meanwhile, everyone else plays football on the beach.

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